Common skin problems in monsoon!!

Monsoon brings a sigh of relief after the scorching summer heat. Monsoon means long drive with our loved ones or sitting by the window with our favorite book and a cup of hot cappuccino.  Whether it’s a light drizzle or heavy rainfall, monsoon makes up happy. But good things also come with side effects. The humidity in monsoon is the cause for various skin problems.  The humidity in air creates an ideal temperature for various bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from this, poor hygiene is another reason. Many of us skip regular showers in monsoon, wear clothes that are damp or wear clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe. Below mentioned is a list of common skin problems in monsoon and ways to prevent them:


  • Allergies: Allergies can occur due to multiple reasons. Allergies can affect any part of the body. They usually occur as tiny eruptions and are itchy. Allergies are generally cured through Antihistamines; however it is necessary to find out the underlying cause for proper treatment.  It is necessary to shower regularly and wear cotton clothes to avoid further irritation.
  • Psoriasis: A long lasting autoimmune disease often characterized by red scaly skin. It causes painful skin lesions. Contact a dermatologist as soon as you see the symptoms to undergo psoriasis therapy. Make sure to keep your skin dry and avoid moisture build up in skin folds.
  • Infections: Bacterial and fungal infections are very common in monsoon. The humid weather provides the perfect temperature for these microorganisms to thrive. Taking regular showers, using clean and dry clothes and maintaining proper hygiene is necessary in order to prevent infections.  Severe fungal or bacterial infections can lead to rise in body temperature which can be cured with proper medications


  • Patchy skin: Monsoon causes a lot of skin problems like dry and patchy skin. Skin dryness can lead to uneven complexion. It is necessary to keep skin moisturized and drink a lot of water. Contact a dermatologist and undergo skin rejuvenation treatments, for dark spots and uneven tone, laser surgery and laser skin resurfacing can be very helpful.
  •  Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating is a common skin problem that can occur in monsoon. To avoid excessive sweating use a good antiperspirant.  Shower regularly and wear light weight clothes. Avoid sweat build up and try to remain fresh all the time.

Follow these simple remedies to keep skin problems at bay during monsoon. Consult a doctor if you see any kind of skin problems occurring.

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Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Purifying Mask Review

Hello lovely people, sorry for being MIA for almost a week! I’m going through some health issues for some time now, I hope I’ll recover soon and get back to blogging regularly. Today I’ll be reviewing my current favourite face mask from Avon. This is my first skin care product from Avon, I usually buy their makeup products and like too as they are easy on pocket and come in a range of colors to choose from. Without wasting much of the time, let’s get straight about the product….

Price: INR 169 for 50ml

Ingredients: As mentioned in the back of the tube

Best Use Before: 3 years from the date of manufacture

Method of Use: Apply an even layer on face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then peel off. Use 1 time a week

My Take on the Product: The product comes in a tube with a plastic flip cap which makes it travel friendly. Though I found the flip cap made up of cheap plastic and you need to be extra careful while opening it.


The product has semi thick consistency and is milky white in color. The mask feels sticky on my hand and so on my face too. I use this mask twice a week. It works well in deep cleansing and removing dirt. My skin feels firmer with regular usage. The only problem is that, it makes my face very dry after use. I need to apply a moisturizer immediately after using the face mask.


I so not apply a thick layer so I usually wash off the mask after 10-15 minutes post application, removing with water is a bit tedious task since the mask tends to stick on to my skin especially around my hairline.


The mask has a wonderful fragrance unlike other tea tree products I’ve used so far which smells kinda weird :p. Overall this mask works okay for my skin but might be over drying on dry skinned beauties.


Pros: 1. Nice packaging

2. Makes skin firmer with use

3. Deep cleanses

Cons: 1. Feels sticky on skin

2. Makes skin dry after use

My rating: 3.5/5

Will I recommend It?: Yes, of course, in  this price range, you can always give it a try!


Push Away Pigmentation- Face Care For The Miss India In You!!

This is an article in response to the ongoing Face Care for the Miss India in You Contest powered by Neutrogena, conducted by  for the upcoming Miss India 2014 Pageant.

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I wonder, how our face has to”face” so many problems each day. Skin problems like sun tans, acne and pigmentation keep annoying us often. For me, pigmentation is the biggest problem which I have been dealing for years. People whose skin tends to tan a lot usually face pigmentation problems later. Pigmentation is basically dark patches of skin in the cheeks or forehead or the corners of the lips and chin caused due to imbalances in melanin formation of the skin.



Too much of melanin in skin can cause hyperpigmentation and too less leads to hypopigmentation. Hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, stress, excessive exposure to UV rays are some of the main causes of skin pigmentation. In this post, I have discussed few ways following which can help you to keep pigmentation problems away. Have a look at them below:

1. Cleansing


Cleansing is the first step to get rid of pigmented skin. Use a mild and effective cleanser to clean your face twice daily. Regular cleansing prevents accumulation of dirt and oil on face and helps to keep skin problems at bay. Since pigmentation darkens skin, it is recommended to use a gentle cleanser which can provide a clear skin along with removing skin impurities.

2. Scrubbing


Scrubbing is very essential step to banish pigmentation. Scrubbers are essential to remove impurities that cannot be removed by cleansers. These impurities clog skin pores and gives rise to different skin problems. If they are not removed properly, they may cause various skin infections. Scrubs contains tiny granules which can work effectively on these pore clogging impurities and helps you to get a clear and dirt free skin. Scrubbing skin in every 3 days helps you to achieve a spotless skin in no time.

3. Toning


Next step includes toning the skin. Toners must be applied after using a cleanser to shrink skin pores and prevent dirt or impurities to enter the skin. Toners must be free of alcohol so that they provide a soothing effect to the skin. Toners refreshes and tightens skin and leaves behind a cooling sensation on application. Using a fairness toner works apt for skin pigmentation.

4. Moisturizing


Moisturizing skin is very essential to maintain skin’s natural elasticity and glow. Moisture less skin looks dull and tired. This is why you should always apply moisturizer after cleansing and toning the face. Moisturizers penetrates into skin cells and provide them moisture to maintain skin’s texture. Fairness moisturizers helps to brighten skin tone along with proving skin moisture if used daily.

5. Serums


Skin serums are essential as they can penetrate deep within the skin and work in a much effective way. Skin serums must be applied at night before going to bed so that they work overnight on pigmented skin and provide an even toned problem free skin. Serums are specially formulated and can control the melanin formation on skin. Once the melanin production is controlled, pigmentation will reduce over time and you can get a uniform skin tone.

6.General Tips


  • Along with a regular skin care routine, it is recommended to drink plenty of water,
  • Avoid using too much of cosmetics and always remove makeup before going to bed at night
  • Do not bleach your skin too much
  • Natural ingredients like lemon, honey, aloevera, sandalwood and rose water can also work on skin pigmentation
  • Always use sunscreens when you go out in the sun
  • Intake of Vitamin E enriched food can keep pigmentation problem at bay.

I hope this article was helpful and informative.What do you think? Do share your comments below!

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Say Yes To Sun Protection- Face Care For The Miss India In You!!

This article is in response to the ongoing Face Care for the Miss India in You Contest powered by Neutrogena, conducted by  for the upcoming Miss India 2014 Pageant.

Hello girls, hope you all are doing well. Summer is in and we all have to start taking utmost care of our skin to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays that can damage skin on prolonged exposure. So shall we stay away from sun always? No, sunlight is important for us. Sun is the major source of Vitamin D required by our body which helps in bone formation. Too much exposure to sun causes sun tanning which causes the skin to produce more melanin leading to skin darkening on exposed areas.

compressed 1

The ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep within the skin and may kill skin cells too. Studies shows that prolonged exposure of the skin to UV rays for years after years has led to skin cancer. That is why it is highly recommended by cosmetologists to use sunscreen or sunblock to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays. In this post, I have listed  the basic skin care routine that you need to follow to get rid of suntan. Read on to know about them:

1. Cleansing


All beauty regime starts with cleansing. To cure any skin problem or to prevent any skin problem from occurring, you need to keep your skin clean and germ free. Cleansers are formulated with cleansing properties that cleans every bit of dirt from your face. Most cleansers comes with added benefit, that is, apart from cleaning your skin, they also help you to get rid of skin darkness, acne etc. So always choose the one that serves your skin condition best.

2. Toning


Toners are liquid solutions which are applied post cleansing. Toners help to shrink skin pores and tighten skin. All the dirt and germ enter our skin though these pores ,so they need to be minimized so that minimum amount of dirt can enter the skin. Look for alcohol free toners with soothing properties that will help to relieve tanned skin. Toners infused with soyabean extract can help to reduce skin discoloration and tanning.

3. Sunscreen Lotions


Once your skin is prepared with cleansing and toning, it is the time you need to apply the sunscreen. Sunscreens should be bought checking their Sun Protection Factor or SPF. Generally sunscreens within the range of SPF 30-50 works well for all skin. You must always keep in mind that your sunscreen must be mattefying and non comedogenic, this is because firstly, greasy sunscreens, feels heaving on skin and secondly, when you go out in the sun the sunscreen should not melt down when you sweat. Your sunscreen must be absorbed by the skin quickly so that it can work effectively for a longer time. So, if you have a dry skin, you can apply a moisturizer with it to prevent your skin from drying.

3. Sunscreen Solutions


Sunscreens can come in various forms, they maybe in the form of lotions, gels, creams or solutions. Sunscreen solutions can be sprayed directly to the skin or applied with a cotton ball. Sunscreen solutions or mists are preferred by oily skinned people or people who have to stay in the sun for longer period of time like sportsmen because they are completely water based, absorb in the skin instantly and is very light weight too with added benefit of SPF hence is preferred by many.

I hope this article was helpful. This steps will guide people dealing with skin tanning. Follow them regularly to achieve a tan free, clear and perfect skin that won’t be reluctant to go out in sun.

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Five Effective Curd Face Pack That Works For Me

Hello everyone, how was the weekend? I had a lovely weekend. I went out with my friends & did some shopping. I have to join my classes today so I’m running around since morning or else I will be late for my class. I was applying my face pack an hour back when I remembered that I have to write a blogpost. So I decided to share few of my favourite face packs using curd. Here are they listed below, hope you like them:



1. Curd & Honey Face Pack
This is my favourite face pack, infact, this was the pack I was using this morning. Preparation is super easy, take 2 table spoons of curd & mix it with 1 table spoon of honey. Apply it to clean face. Keep it on for 15 minutes then wash it off.with water. This pack is very effective in removing my skin tans.

2. Curd & Gramflour Face Pack
Mix 2 table spoons of curd to 3 table spoons of gram flour. Rub it gently all over your face & body. Do this for 5 minutes & then wash of with water. This pack acts as a natural cleanser and suits all skin types.



3. Curd & Banana Face Pack
This is another wonderful face pack. Mix a finely mashed banana to 1.5 table spoons of curd and apply it evenly on your face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes & wash off with water. This is a great anti-ageing face pack and helps to tighten skin making it more radiant.

4. Curd & Lemon Face Pack
This is a very economical face pack or rather a natural face bleach. Curd and lemon has lightening properties and helps to lighten skin & facial hairs with repeated use. Simply squeeze some lemon in 2 table spoons of curd and apply it on your face and neck. Remove with water once the pack dries. Do this twice a week to see visible results, works for me & another favourite face pack of mine.

5. Curd & Mango Face Pack
Summer is around & what could be a better fruit than mango to use for your skin care this season? Prepare mango pulp & mix it with 1 table spoon of curd. Apply this mixture all over your face and body. Mango removes tans effectively. Curd also helps in skin lightening. I use this pack in summer especially on weekends & it really works wonder for me!

Try these packs at home & let me know how do you like them.
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DIY Face Masks for Dull Skin

Hey everyone, how are you people?? Its winter & wedding season is on or rather full on! My neighbour wali “Didi”( elder sister) is getting married in few days. Talking about wedding, the word that comes to my mind is “gorgeous.” Gorgeous bride, gorgeous outfit, gorgeous look etc etc…. Who doesn’t want to look fab on a wedding, be it their own or other’s. A glowing skin is an essential part of looking gorgeous naturally.


Here are three DO IT YOURSELF face packs which I use & these may help you to get glowing skin naturally too.

1) Gram flour & lemon face pack


Things needed:
4 tbsp gram flour/ besan
Few drops of lime juice
Few drops of rose water/normal water to mix
A mixing bowl

Mix all the above ingredients well. Apply to your face & neck. Keep it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes massage your face & neck a bit & wash off the pack. Get a clean & glowing skin with regular use.

Gram flour acts as natural cleanser & removes dead cells. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which nourishes skin from within.

2) Banana & yogurt face pack


One banana
50g yogurt
Mixing bowl

Smash banana in a blender or with a fork into a fine paste & mix yogurt with it. Apply it on your face & leave it for 20 munutes. After 20 minutes, wash it off with cold water. Get bright & beautiful skin instantly at home.

Banana is rich in vitamin A and Potassium & helps in keeping skin soft. It has anti-bacterial properties too. Yogurt is rich in antioxidants & helps in skin lightening.

3) Milk cream & honey face pack


Milk cream/ Malai 3tbsp
Honey 2tbsp
Mixing bowl

Blend the cream in a blender & add honey to it. Mix them well. Apply to your face & neck. Relax for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Regular usage ensures fairer tighter skin.

Milk cream helps to get a fairer skin. Honey tightens skin & imparts glow to the face.

I hope you find these face packs useful & easy. What do you do to get rid of dullness naturally? Reply in the comment section below.

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