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Huge Announcement:We've shifted to

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Common skin problems in monsoon!!

Monsoon brings a sigh of relief after the scorching summer heat. Monsoon means long drive with our loved ones or sitting by the window with our favorite book and a cup of hot cappuccino.  Whether it’s a light drizzle or heavy rainfall, monsoon makes up happy. But good things also come with side effects. The humidity in monsoon is the cause for various skin problems.  The humidity in air creates an ideal temperature for various bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from this, poor hygiene is another reason. Many of us skip regular showers in monsoon, wear clothes that are damp or wear clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe. Below mentioned is a list of common skin problems in monsoon and ways to prevent them:


  • Allergies: Allergies can occur due to multiple reasons. Allergies can affect any part of the body. They usually occur as tiny eruptions and are itchy. Allergies are generally cured through Antihistamines; however it is necessary to find out the underlying cause for proper treatment.  It is necessary to shower regularly and wear cotton clothes to avoid further irritation.
  • Psoriasis: A long lasting autoimmune disease often characterized by red scaly skin. It causes painful skin lesions. Contact a dermatologist as soon as you see the symptoms to undergo psoriasis therapy. Make sure to keep your skin dry and avoid moisture build up in skin folds.
  • Infections: Bacterial and fungal infections are very common in monsoon. The humid weather provides the perfect temperature for these microorganisms to thrive. Taking regular showers, using clean and dry clothes and maintaining proper hygiene is necessary in order to prevent infections.  Severe fungal or bacterial infections can lead to rise in body temperature which can be cured with proper medications


  • Patchy skin: Monsoon causes a lot of skin problems like dry and patchy skin. Skin dryness can lead to uneven complexion. It is necessary to keep skin moisturized and drink a lot of water. Contact a dermatologist and undergo skin rejuvenation treatments, for dark spots and uneven tone, laser surgery and laser skin resurfacing can be very helpful.
  •  Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating is a common skin problem that can occur in monsoon. To avoid excessive sweating use a good antiperspirant.  Shower regularly and wear light weight clothes. Avoid sweat build up and try to remain fresh all the time.

Follow these simple remedies to keep skin problems at bay during monsoon. Consult a doctor if you see any kind of skin problems occurring.

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A Guide To Purchasing Office Wears Kurti

A salute to the Indian traditional dressing, the Indian Kurti, that has come up a long way to become the ideal & the most popular outfit for every girl. Be it any occasion,  Kurti for girls is the best to wear. With many styles and design it offers, it is the ideal choice for your casual as well as formal events. However, the choice of the kurti for casual & formal events must be entirely different. This is essential to ensure that you do not make fun of yourself by wearing the wrong type to the right place.



Buying a casual kurti is easy as all you need to do is let your selection follow your choice. However, while buying a kurti for your office you need to take care of many things. An office is a place which demands following the decorum of the workplace hence, one must ensure that the appearance must not make you a defaulter. To ensure that you land up most stylish and formal to your workplace, here is the Guide to purchasing office wearing Kurti:

  • Color: The first and foremost thing you must keep in your mind is the color of the women’s kurti online. The color of your outfit is the first thing that strikes the viewer. We are pretty much sure that you do not want to be perceived too bold or too colorful at your workplace. To ensure that your first impression comes out to be the best choose sober and cool colors for your office wear. You can try pastel colors as they are very much into the trends.


  • Fabric: Cotton, polyester, khaddar & georgette are a few types of fabrics that are the best for office wear. These fabrics give you a trendy & formal look. A cotton women’s kurti paired with cigarette pants and flat sandals for women might be the best choice for your formal look at your office.


  • Design: The market of girl’s kurti is daily reloaded with awesome new designs. But it is not necessary that all of them are suitable to be worn to your workplace. You must wear designer kurtis to your office but ensure that the design suits the corporate measures and make you elegantly dressed. You can try wearing Long sleeves kurti, Sherwani style kurti, Front slit kurti and 111many other styles to your office.


  • Length & fitting: Do not wear too long or too short kurti to your office. This may not only make you uncomfortable but also make your appearance inappropriate in a formal setup. Wear kurtis with the length that complements your body type and at the same time make you go with the trends. Likewise wearing a tight or too loose girl’s kurti will also give you a shabby appearance.


  • Simplicity is the best: Last but not the least; try to buy kurtis that are simple. Too much embellishments or embroidery might make a formal kurti look too gaudy. Whereas with a simple kurti with minimalistic embroidery and a beautiful design you can make striking appearance at your workplace.

By adhering to these simple rules of buying formal kurtis you must be able to buy the best women’s kurti and rock with style and trend at your workplace. You might have wore many formal western suits to your office, it is time to try this traditional Indian Attire and mark your style with complete confidence & a tinge of style and comfort. So what are you waiting for go grab some awesome formal kurtis and make your wardrobe office ready.


Eat Well, Live Well with Skulpt

Fitness and Health consciousness is growing among people these days, and Skulpt is spreading this message through their workshop with prominent Australian chef Nivi Das.

Divya Himatsingka, Director of Skulpt says, “We at Skulpt care about the well being of not just our members, but also people at large, and through this workshop, we intend to spread the message that living a healthy life is not so difficult. And by bringing Chef Nivi on board for this workshop, we shall demonstrate that to stay fit, we do not need to give up on good food, and can also satisfy our taste buds at the same time.”



Chef Nivi Das believes that you do not have to give up your favorite foods to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. A vegan herself, she has taken up the challenge of creating recipes which are made with compassion for all living beings, concern for the environment and planet and of course, people’s well being in mind.

However, she doesn’t feel that the pathway to health has to be a struggle. Her motto is to embrace life, love yourself and love your food but not exclusively.


Through this workshop she demonstrates some easy to make recipes which will be dairy free, egg free, entirely plant based, low in fat and yet delicious and she will also create a healthy dessert that is creamy and rich!

Joining her will be celebrity Tanusree Chakraborty, who will be sharing basic health tips necessary for a better lifestyle along with nutritionist Abhilasha Bagaria and Fitness Manager Prosenjit Biswas.

Join us and take the first step towards better eating, better living.



Chef Nivi Das’s background

I am a qualified accountant and always worked in corporate field but the Plant Based diet and its implications in terms of health benefits fascinated me so much that I changed my career a couple of years ago.


In 2015, I qualified as Chef on a special scholarship. I was offered the Scholarship by the Director of the Culinary College based on prior extensive knowledge of Food which was self-paced research into Science of Food, Nutrition, Balanced Diet and studies of Vegan food benefits. This was a big change in my career which I embraced happily because I feel I am able to reach out to more people and perhaps help a few too.

I have been conducting Workshops in Vegan Nutrition and food alternatives for last 2 years.  I also get asked to do presentations at a number of Fundraising Events. The next few upcoming events will be

  • Fundraiser for Animal Sanctuary in Brisbane – 2nd April 2016
  • Fundraiser for animal Sanctuary in Dixon, California 30th May 2016 – the event raised USD $7,000 for the sanctuary
  • Fundraiser for Sea Shepard in Brisbane 18th September 2016


Other upcoming Events

  • Vegan Demonstration and Dinner Event with Australian Celebrity Vegan Chef, Alejandro Cancino at Swissôtel, Kolkata on 8th to 12th June
  • Workshops in Mumbai on 24th, 25th and 26th June 2016
  • Workshops in Kolkata on 9th and 10th July in 2016


My natural curiosity for Science and how things work, led me to the path of becoming a Vegan Food Consultant and Technologist. I have turned may home into a Kitchen Laboratory where I experiment with only Plant Based and try to recreate the dishes that a person must give up to become Vegan.  Cheese, Desserts are always top of the list with most people.


My motivation for “inventing” the vegan gourmet dishes is that I want more people to appreciate that becoming Vegan does not mean that you give up your favourite foods.  I also want to ensure that people making the transition from a meat based diet or even vegetarian diet to a Plant Based  diet do not fall into the very common trap of subsisting on a very nutritionally poor diet.  At every workshop, I explain the benefits of the Vegan diet but also take care to explain the common vitamin and mineral deficiency one may suffer from if not paying attention to the nutrition.


About Skulpt:

SKULPT operating through Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. has slowly and steadily carved the name of Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. in the Kolkata market and built a reputation to reckon with. Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. which started under the brand name of Gold’s Gym, after completing 10 glorious years, gave to this city, its own new brand, SKULPT. It is popular among fitness junkies for its state of the art amenities, offering special classes like TRX Training, Spinning, Kettle bell classes, Aerobics etc for its members. The gym also continuously upgrades itself through regular training programs.




Provide proper nutrition to your children to help them grow

The main concern of all parents are to see that their children growing up healthy. By being healthy, it doesn’t merely means being free from diseases but it also means growing up properly in height and gaining healthy weight. Proper increase in height and weight is an indicator that our children are getting  proper nutrition in their body required for their growth. For toddlers, it is really very important to see that they are getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins in their daily diet. The growth of children between the age of 3 years to 9 years is very critical. If care is not taken at this stage, it may lead to inadequate growth and weakness in children.


However, there can be a lot of reason for the lack of proper nutrition in children. Firstly, they are fussy eaters who can like a particular food at one time and plainly dislike it the very next moment. They tend to be picky and you may find them ignoring most of the food that are vital for their growth. Adding to it, there can be illness which might be affecting the growth of our children. This is the reason most parents are concerned about the proper growth of their children and sometimes even daily diet cannot fill up the nutrition gap in children.


If you find your children tired, sick and crying all the time, it is high time, you consider feeding him/her something that can make up for the nutrition gap and make him/her healthy and fit. Being underweight and slow growth can lead to various complications as the child grows up. A proper food supplement can help filling the nutrition gap and provide the proper amount of nutrition that a regular diet cannot offer to your children. Top pediatric experts have clinically researched and tested to bring out a revolutionary product that will help children to regain their lost growth. Horlicks Growth + contains necessary nutrients like Vitamin A, C and D , amino acid and minerals that help children to gain healthy weight and height. This health drink also strengthens the immune system and keeps diseases at bay. Horlicks Growth + is available in two delicious flavors:  smooth vanilla and creamy chocolate that are made keeping in mind the taste of young children. Drinking a cup of Horlicks Growth + everyday can be beneficial and the results can be seen within six months.

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Parents have to make sure that their children are physically and mentally fit. Panicking over poor growth  of children will only make things worse, rather parents should look for healthy supplements that can make up for the nutrition gap in the diet and give them proper nutrition. It is necessary to regularly monitor the height and weight of children up to 10 years of age to keep a track of the growth. As parents, we must make sure that our children are getting enough care and attention so that they can attain a proper growth with time and lead a healthy lifestyle. Keeping proper balance in life is very necessary if we want our children to grow up healthy and strong.


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Baggit Handbag #LChiara Review, Be #Alwayscool

The modern Indian woman is bold, confident and independent. She works towards bringing positive changes in the society and by doing so she establishes her own unique identity. She has her own style and attitude which she can carry off with confidence. She is always ready to dress up for every event, be it formal or casual and mesmerize everyone with her fashion sense.


As a woman, I can say that one of the very first things that someone notices when we are in a party is our handbags. Handbags are fashion staple for every woman because we carry all necessary stuffs in it.  Handbags come in various styles and every woman has her own choice of handbags, some love totes while some love satchels. Keeping this in mind, Baggit has come up with an interesting campaign called “Play the life game”.  Their S/S16’ bags are designed to portray the individuality of each woman and it tells us how every woman can express her true personality by sporting them.


The bags in this collection include a variety of materials, prints and textures and come in a vibrant array of colors. The unique designs and the touch of individuality in each bags makes it a must have for every modern woman. I was elated when I was asked to try out one of their bags from the S/S16’ collection, LChiara, a vibrant pink satchel bag. The bag draws its inspiration from simple, minimalistic yet stylish and cool luggage style bags. This bag is spacious and is big enough to carry daily essentials in it. This bag is perfect for casual outings with friends.


The sling strap can also be carried across the body and the two-way styling facility is great. This is my go-to bag whenever I feel like catching up my friends for a movie or discussing something important over a cup of cappuccino. No matter whether I’m calm or restless from within, with this bag I can be #AlwaysCool.


Think Big and Shape your Career in the Right Path

Education is a very important to survive in a society. Education is what makes people civilized and superior in the society. The knowledge that we gain from school and colleges helps to shape our future. It is a general concern for every parents to see that their children are getting the best education ever. We all have come across such situations in life where our parents wanted us to study in  a university of their choice,  maybe somewhere where they might have completed their graduation 30 years back and came out successfully. But comparing the education system of their time with today’s education scenario is irrelevant.

Time has changed, so is the education pattern. There are so many new subjects to study that never existed at the time of our parents. Also, education is not just limited to books. Computer aided classes and on-field practical training has made education much more worthy. The demand of corporates is also changing. They do not want a candidate who is just educated but educated with a dynamic knowledge of different aspects in life.

It is time that  when the parents should #ThinkBig and guide their children in  the right path. Grab the best opportunities to build your career  as they come like that provided by universities like LPU which you can see from the video. One very important message that the video offers is that your present decision will affect your future so when it comes to your betterment, why not ThinkBig?!


Alcohol and Drug Prevention: A New Initiative to Keep Youth on a Healthy Path



It is rightly said “If you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you”. A healthy lifestyle is the key to a fit and healthy body. No matter how much busy we get with our daily chores and commitments, taking some time out to keep our body fit and abstaining from unhealthy habits is very necessary. The fast paced lifestyle has led people to face big health problems and that too in their thirties only. More than thousand people die every year due to heart attack even before they reach their thirties. If we want to stay away from the risks of heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes, it is time, we start early. Regular exercises and proper diet ensures that our body get balanced nutrition and our organs work properly. Regular exercises and cardio activities like brisk walking, cycling or indulging in outdoor sports can help to keep body weight under control and reduce the risk of obesity which is a major cause of heart attacks.



Youths nowadays are also picking up unhealthy lifestyle influenced by the media. Though the legal age to smoke and consume liquor have been strictly mentioned in the law, yet there are so many young children who are getting addicted to consuming liquor, taking drugs or smoking. Peer pressure is another reason why more and more youths are getting addicted to these items. Despite of regular campaigns, warnings on the liquor bottles and packets of cigarettes, most of them seem to stay unaltered. As we all know that the in the long-run smoking can cause cancer and alcohol damages the liver. Drug addiction is very harmful and it not only affects the person who is affected but also his family and friends. If we ever come across such a person, should be our duty to help them get rid of the addiction and take them to a good hospital for  health checkup, counseling and rehabilitation.


Manipal Hospitals, which is a part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) offers world class health care services in India. With their multiple branches spread across the country and also abroad, they offer latest facilities and world class treatment through experienced doctors and medical professionals to help people lead a happy life. They offer multiple services like joint replacement surgery, LASIK surgery, cardiac surgery etc. If you know any one who is struggling with any serious ailment or need proper medical guidance, refer them to trusted and reputed hospital only.


My Favorite Look for Valentine’s Day Feat. Jabong

Hello peeps, it is the season of love and romance and with Valentine’s day around the corner I’m sure, all the beautiful  ladies out there are spending hours on discussing and deciding with their BFFs what to wear for 14th . Afterall, it’s Valentine’s day and you need to dress right to make him fall head over heels in love with you all over again. I have created my own favorite look from Jabong’s Valentine’s Day gifts corner and I’ll be sporting this complete look on Valentine’s day.


So, here’s what I have chosen. I have planned to keep my look pretty much simple since I have a full day plan with him. I have chosen a pretty embroidered white crop shirt from “Miss Bennett London” which I will be teaming up with a sleeveless round neck jacket from “Funk for Hire”. I found the green color very soothing and the depiction of “mela” on the jacket makes it very quirky and at the same time adds a “desi” touch to it. I’ll be pairing both with a high waist long skirt from Sangria. The vibrant floral skirt is surely an eye catcher and contrasts pretty well with the white and green combination on the top.


I have chosen simple accessories with my outfit which includes a Instagram logo replica clutch by designer Puneet Gupta. I found this clutch very stylish and offbeat. Since summer is almost here and mornings are very bright and sunny, I have chosen a Lennon Blue/Black shade from “YCode”. To match with the overall look I have selected a pair of comfortable white “Inc5” sandals with almost similar pattern as that of my shirt.


For hair and makeup, I have decided to go for a side fishtail braid and keep my makeup simple yet bold with a little CC cream as base, black kohl for my eyes, two strokes of mascara and classic matte red lipstick. To end, I’ll be applying few sprays of my favorite cologne and done, I’ll be ready. Let me know what do you think of my look in the comments below. Have you decided  what to wear on Valentine’s day yet?


Ferns N Petals Brings an Exclusive Gifting Range this Valentine Season

It takes more than lace and ribbons and lovely verses to make a Valentine that’s memorable enough for your loved ones. It takes a world of special thoughts tucked into every line, every gift and every expression and gesture; and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Ferns N Petals”

Ferns N Petals unveils an exciting range of gifts to pamper your valentine in the festival of love.

Preserved Real Rose- Rs 999

Preserved Red rose

Flowers say a thousand words and if they can be preserved forever they become priceless as ever. Beautifully preserved and captured at its peak of perfection, this original rose will create memories that will never fade. The unique red rose is set in an elegant box with beautiful ribbon bow and is available in various colours- olive green, black, electric blue and rainbow.

 Love Teddy Candies- Rs 749

Sugar teddies

Send the most cute and delicious treats to the love of your life. This set of teddy sugar candies is a symbol of love and care. Show you care with this adorable, sugary gift.

Shining Memory Personalized Lamp- Rs 799

Personalised lamp

Turn your most special photograph into a treasured keepsake with this beautiful personalized lamp. Shining in the dark, it spreads your love to every part of the house.

Message in a bottle- Rs 649

 This Valentine’s Day send the message of your love to your sweetheart. Your sentiments of your love sent in a sweet way will melt your beloved heart. This valentine gift is a brilliantly romantic way to say the three little words that mean so much, ‘I love you’.

I Love You Chocolate – Rs 599

 I love You chocolates

Say it with chocolate! What better way to say I Love You to that special person with this luxury gourmet chocolate. Gift your dear ones indulgent chocolate treat with this delicious hamper.

 Always Yours- Rs 1049

Always Yours teddy

Are you wondering for gifting something to impress your dream girl? Then, this cuddlesome rabbits make a wonderful gift choice to impress your beloved. Deliver an unforgettable sense of care in most inexpensive way by gifting it to someone very close to your heart.

Love At Infinity cushion- Rs 649

Love at Infinity cushion

What better way to express your love and affection to your sweetheart with this red and silver cushion. This stuffed love cushion is not only wonderful way to show your love, but, also to remind that you are not around them.

Hot Red Heart Cake- Rs 999

Valentine cake

Make a statement! Be hopelessly romantic and convey your feelings. Tell her how much you care with this exquisite Half kg heart shaped cake with the most luscious taste. It is available in four flavors- chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch & pineapple. These gifts convey your undying love in a charming way.

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