Baggit Handbag #LChiara Review, Be #Alwayscool

The modern Indian woman is bold, confident and independent. She works towards bringing positive changes in the society and by doing so she establishes her own unique identity. She has her own style and attitude which she can carry off with confidence. She is always ready to dress up for every event, be it formal or casual and mesmerize everyone with her fashion sense.


As a woman, I can say that one of the very first things that someone notices when we are in a party is our handbags. Handbags are fashion staple for every woman because we carry all necessary stuffs in it.  Handbags come in various styles and every woman has her own choice of handbags, some love totes while some love satchels. Keeping this in mind, Baggit has come up with an interesting campaign called “Play the life game”.  Their S/S16’ bags are designed to portray the individuality of each woman and it tells us how every woman can express her true personality by sporting them.


The bags in this collection include a variety of materials, prints and textures and come in a vibrant array of colors. The unique designs and the touch of individuality in each bags makes it a must have for every modern woman. I was elated when I was asked to try out one of their bags from the S/S16’ collection, LChiara, a vibrant pink satchel bag. The bag draws its inspiration from simple, minimalistic yet stylish and cool luggage style bags. This bag is spacious and is big enough to carry daily essentials in it. This bag is perfect for casual outings with friends.


The sling strap can also be carried across the body and the two-way styling facility is great. This is my go-to bag whenever I feel like catching up my friends for a movie or discussing something important over a cup of cappuccino. No matter whether I’m calm or restless from within, with this bag I can be #AlwaysCool.



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