#LakmeSchoolOfStyle: My Take

Hello girls, so recently I have been a little frequent on YouTube checking out funny videos and makeup tutorials. While browsing makeup tutorials, i came across Lakme India’s YouTube channel called the “Lakme School Of Style”. I was sure that it will have some wonderful makeup tutorials but when I browsed it for a while, I saw that it has many videos other than makeup which included some fun  and random topics, lifestyle and fashion videos and also few videos on social awareness. I was happy to see that Lakme has covered so many topics in its vlog. Out of so many videos, Two of them were my favourite and in this post I will talk about both of them.

1. The first video is: Pamper your lips with Lakme Lip Love.

As we know, these wonderful tinted lip balms from Lakme were launched two months back and has since been loved by all. The video shows you the right way to take care of your lips. Model and Lakme school of Style vlogger Maia Sethna tells us how.We all are conscious about our skin and use different products on our face but we usually neglect our lips. For a lovely pink pout, it is necessary to take good care of our lips. This video tells us to exfoliate and moisturize our lips well to get soft lips. For exfoliation we can mix a spoonful of sugar and honey in a bowl and slowly rub the mixture on our lips.


This will help to remove dead cells from the lips, making it soft. Follow up with Lakme Lip Love lip care lip balm for instantly moisturized lips. The lip balm is available in  four variants- Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla and Peach. This lip balm from Lakme has SPF 15 that protects your lips from harmful UV rays and give you soft and luscious lips with subtle tint.

2. The second video is: 5 Must-have bags for a fashion girl.

Who doesn’t love bags? I do, in fact I’m crazy about bags. I found this video really helpful. In this vlog, Lakme School of Style vlogger, Sanjana Banaik tells us about the 5 bags every fashionista should own. They are:

  • Tote Bags


A tote os large bag with parallel handles from the sides. It is usually used to carry essential stuffs like books, water bottle, sunglass, lip balm etc and can also serve as your shopping bag.

  • Clutches


You all know what clutches are! Get a clutch that complete your look any carry it anywhere you go.

  • Cross-body Bags


Also known as satchels, these bags come with long adjustable and detachable handle so that you can carry it across your body as a cross-body bag or remove the handle to carry it as normal handbag. Take a cross body bag to your college or office for a chic look.

  • Structured Bags


Structured bags are those bags which do not loose shape when they are empty and are quite sturdy. Structured bags can be carried to casual outing or date.

  • Holdall Bags


Also known as weekend bags. These are large bags to carry a lot of stuffs and are good companion on short trips.

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Notable Newbie Award!

Hello peeps, two days back I got an email from Blogadda notifying me that I have been chosen as a Notable Newbie and I will be featured right on their homepage under the Notable Newbie column. I was overwhelmed!


Today I got the badge finally. I am very happy and I would really like to thank Blogadda and all my readers who have been a great support throughout.

BlogAdda Notable Newbie badge

Also, I am going for a short trip to Puri, Odissa for a week with my family. My train leaves tomorrow and I am very excited to enjoy at the beach. If you are following me on Instagram, you can check out all the fun I will be having there. I’ll be back with more posts soon. Till then take care.



This Or That?

In India, women  has been compared to goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. She is believed to bring prosperity to everyone who worships her. A woman has to play the role of a daughter, a wife and a mother at different stages of her life. She has endless responsibilities and duties towards her family and yet she always carry a serene smile on her face, act calm and composed, behave with dignity and poise. Maybe this is the reason women are compared to a goddess, because of the endless hurdles she has to pass through all her life and maintain her grace. In this male dominated society, women have always been a subject of criticism and ignorance. Yet, every time, women have emerged with great courage and worked towards their own development and excellence.

Life is not a smooth journey, as we grow up we see that the life we read in story books are totally different from the life we led in real. It is full of pressure and challenges and in this journey we have to face disappointments often. I always wanted to become a  journalist, ever since I wouldn’t spell the word “journalist” properly! I would sit beside my father and imitate the journalists reporting on TV with a toy microphone my aunt gifted me on my 6th birthday. As I grew up, my love for the profession also grew and I was confident that this would be the perfect career choice for me. I loved biology and I always scored well in the subject so my parents suggested me that I should focus on becoming a teacher but my aim was very clear to me. I knew if I do not follow my heart, I’ll regret forever.

2012-10-09 16.31.44

I told my parents”I want to become a journalist! Why won’t I? I am confident, I have a positive attitude, I love travelling and exploring, I love to learn new things and I always wanted  to get a  job that won’t be monotonous for me, rather it would be exciting and fun.”  I was adamant about my decision. My parents were not ready to accept it because no one from the family has  ever chosen a career other than becoming a doctor, a teacher or an engineer. ” But what about becoming a teacher?” asked my dad. I said ” I can be teacher any day, all I need is  to start teaching somebody” They knew I won’t move an inch from my decision, I took admission to a journalism college. My dad didn’t spoke to me for a year. It was painful but it also gave me the strength to work hard and prove myself to my family, especially to my dad. Things started falling in place once my parents saw me excelling in the field and inching towards success.  As time passed, my parents realized that I have taken a wise career decision and they have been supportive ever since. Now when I look back to the day when I had to choose whether I wanted to be a teacher or a journalist, I feel that I took a right decision. I followed my heart, went against all the odds, broke the family norm and came out victorious. I’m very near to my destination and I’ll be joining as a journalist in a newspaper in few weeks. The best part is when my father compliments ” You wanted to become a journalist, you are very close to become one, what you didn’t realize is that you have been a great teacher too or else how could I manage to use the tab you gifted me on my birthday or how could your mother ever use the computer, surf the internet, learn new recipes and cook tasty dishes for you when you come home?!” This is my story of becoming a journalist AND a teacher.

Gillette Venus and BlogAdda have come up with this great initiative to break out of the shackles of OR and embrace the AND within you. Yes you can be an engineer AND a baker AND a social worker. Your life as a woman is composed of many such ANDs, and it’s time you celebrate the sum of everything you want to be AND can be.

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Happy To Be Humpty!!

No matter, how great moments we come across while growing up, nothing can be as sweeter as our childhood memories. The first day in my school was of course one of the sweetest memory I will cherish throughout life. I remember my school was barely five minutes from my house. I was so eager to get into my classroom on the first day that I did not bother to take my school bag which my dad was carrying for me. As I entered in the class, I saw a bunch of students who were constantly crying aloud while few others kept watching them in amusement, two of the boys were fighting with each other and very few were moving around clueless like me! It was after five minutes when I realized that a lady in pink saree was calling my name aloud constantly and she had my bag in her hand. I rushed to get my bag, said goodbye to dad and settled in a tiny chair near the teacher’s desk.

In the class, apart from learning the basics, my favourite period was the rhyme period. We had our rhyme period from 9-10 a.m. I enjoyed how our class teacher Miss. Gloria used to dance on the tunes of some lovely rhymes while teaching us.

She used to bring a small tape recorder with her in the class so that we could enjoy the rhymes accompanied with melodious tunes. I particularly enjoyed two rhymes-“Humpty Dumpty” and “London Bridge is Falling Down”. I don’t exactly remember why I had a fascination for these two particular poems but as far as I remember, both of them has the word “fall/falling” in it and as we used to stand up and repeat the rhymes after our teacher and with the word fall, we used to jump like frogs and sit back on our respective chairs.

That seemed quite funny to me in fact for all of us in the class. We would later ask our teacher to tell us who jumped the highest and who sat down first. Apart from that, I loved the names-Humpty and Dumpty so much (I still do) that the first day our teacher taught us the poem, I came back home and told my mom to change my nickname to “Humpty” and my brother’s to “Dumpty”.

My wish did come true but in a much better way. It was Christmas and each class, right from kindergarten to class XII were performing for the day. Being a little chubby from childhood did help me to act as Humpty in my school play. Me and another girl from the class who looked so similar to me that even the teachers couldn’t distinguish us from a distance were made to wear a full sleeve white T-shirt with a full white trouser and a blue hat. It was my first ever stage performance and forget worries, I was not even bothered and was munching on chocolates Santa gave me backstage.


Little Humpty

Anyhow, our performance went really well, at least all the teachers and my mom said so as she was there to see my first performance on stage. Me and my classmate got a poetry book as a special gift. That was one of the happiest moment in my life. Childhood is always special and the memories attached to it…priceless!

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