Happy To Be Humpty!!

No matter, how great moments we come across while growing up, nothing can be as sweeter as our childhood memories. The first day in my school was of course one of the sweetest memory I will cherish throughout life. I remember my school was barely five minutes from my house. I was so eager to get into my classroom on the first day that I did not bother to take my school bag which my dad was carrying for me. As I entered in the class, I saw a bunch of students who were constantly crying aloud while few others kept watching them in amusement, two of the boys were fighting with each other and very few were moving around clueless like me! It was after five minutes when I realized that a lady in pink saree was calling my name aloud constantly and she had my bag in her hand. I rushed to get my bag, said goodbye to dad and settled in a tiny chair near the teacher’s desk.

In the class, apart from learning the basics, my favourite period was the rhyme period. We had our rhyme period from 9-10 a.m. I enjoyed how our class teacher Miss. Gloria used to dance on the tunes of some lovely rhymes while teaching us.

She used to bring a small tape recorder with her in the class so that we could enjoy the rhymes accompanied with melodious tunes. I particularly enjoyed two rhymes-“Humpty Dumpty” and “London Bridge is Falling Down”. I don’t exactly remember why I had a fascination for these two particular poems but as far as I remember, both of them has the word “fall/falling” in it and as we used to stand up and repeat the rhymes after our teacher and with the word fall, we used to jump like frogs and sit back on our respective chairs.

That seemed quite funny to me in fact for all of us in the class. We would later ask our teacher to tell us who jumped the highest and who sat down first. Apart from that, I loved the names-Humpty and Dumpty so much (I still do) that the first day our teacher taught us the poem, I came back home and told my mom to change my nickname to “Humpty” and my brother’s to “Dumpty”.

My wish did come true but in a much better way. It was Christmas and each class, right from kindergarten to class XII were performing for the day. Being a little chubby from childhood did help me to act as Humpty in my school play. Me and another girl from the class who looked so similar to me that even the teachers couldn’t distinguish us from a distance were made to wear a full sleeve white T-shirt with a full white trouser and a blue hat. It was my first ever stage performance and forget worries, I was not even bothered and was munching on chocolates Santa gave me backstage.


Little Humpty

Anyhow, our performance went really well, at least all the teachers and my mom said so as she was there to see my first performance on stage. Me and my classmate got a poetry book as a special gift. That was one of the happiest moment in my life. Childhood is always special and the memories attached to it…priceless!

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