Best Friends Forever

I met my best friends 10 years back, in school. We used to sit next to each other in class, share our lunch boxes and play together. With her, everyday was full of fun . We were among the most talkative students in class and no matter how many times, the teacher changed our seats during the class, somehow we managed to sit together again! When we were in class vii, her father got transferred to Delhi and she had no choice but to leave the school and shift there. We promised each other to stay in touch regularly through emails, letters and calls. School was not the same without her. The excitement and fun were gone. I wrote letters to her on every second and fourth Saturdays and she wrote back to me on first and third Saturdays. This went on for a while and as time passed, I made new friends in school, so did she in her new school. Eventually the exchange of letters and phone calls became irregular from both the ends and by the time I finished my school, I had no contact with her for almost a year.

I decided to renew my contact with her and called her one day. A distant relative of my friend received the call and told me that she has shifted to Kolkata with her family few months back. I asked him, if he could give me any contact information. He gave me a phone number which I found was out of service. I was disheartened. I could only hope that someday she might miss me like I do and try to contact me. Meanwhile, I got admission to a college at Kolkata and I was happy about the fact that at least now I live close to her and if I am lucky enough, I might bump into her one day.


It was my first day in college, as I went inside, I saw a group of girls chatting among themselves, few boys looking around the classroom and few of them already dozing in their seats. I went inside and saw a vacant seat, I kept my bag on it. On my left was a serious looking guy with neatly combed hair and wore high-powered spectacles. On my right, there was only a bag and as it appeared to me, it belonged to a girl. Five minutes later, I saw a girl in blue top and black jeans entering the class and guess what, she was best friend from school! She saw me a bit later and as our eyes met, we couldn’t react or speak to each other for few seconds. The next moment we were hugging each other tightly and the class was staring at us wondering what’s wrong with these two girls. We went to the local coffee shop as soon as our class was over because we couldn’t hold the excitement.

We had lots of things to talk about. We apologized to each other for not keeping the promise of staying in touch. I told her how I missed her terribly in school and wished to meet her someday. She said that maybe we were supposed to get reunited this way. It was a great feeling to get reunited with my best friend after so many years. The bond we shared was so strong that destiny has brought us together again. I don’t remember exactly how many hours we spent at the coffee shop that day, all I remember was I got back my partner in-crime, my best friend and one of the most valuable person of my life that day.

I have got a chance to look up to my life with optimism and I know my best friend will be there forever to motivate and urge me for that.

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Start a New Life

Being the youngest one in the family has its own perks. I am the youngest one in my family and I have an elder brother who was my partner in crime until I was in class 10. Soon after that he got a good job and settled abroad. We all were happy for him, but we missed him a lot during festivals because he could manage to come to India once in a year. Time passed and in two years, I found myself in a similar situation. I got admission to a good college far away from my hometown. I was excited and nervous at the same time, excited because I was finally going to join college and nervous because I have to stay away from my family.

As I broke the news to my parents, they were very happy and told me to shift to the new city as soon as possible and pursue my higher studies. I told them that I was a little nervous as I have never been away from home without them in these 18 years and now staying away from them all of a sudden seems so hard. It felt strange but my brother told me that it is just a phase that will pass and once I get a good job, I can buy my own house and bring them in so that they can stay with me. I made up my mind that I have to go the new place to complete my studies and get a good job. I have only one chance and I have to utilize it. My parents constantly motivated me and told me that I will learn to cope up with everything and every situation with time.

As I shifted to the new place, I got acquainted with many new people, made new friends. I learned to cook, wash and clean my room. I also learned to travel alone and paid bills alone. Now, I am more responsible about myself. I wake up at 6:00 a.m., clean my room, cook food, leave for college and do all types of works I never though I could manage to do alone. I do not have to depend on anybody to help me. I am thankful to God that I came across such a situation in life where I had to leave my home and accept a new change, settle in a new place with new people and surroundings. Staying away from home has boosted my confidence a lot and has given me the power to fulfill my dreams and make my way to a bright future. My parents are also proud of me and they are happy that I have shown the courage to accept new changes and make my life better. My hard work and self-confidence has helped me to get a good job and one day, I wish to buy a house and bring my family to stay in with me.


My Bucket List!

Life is a roller-coaster ride with too many ups and downs. As we grow up, we have to take lot of responsibilities and work hard to keep our family happy. To keep up a balance in life, we had to sacrifice a lot. Have you ever come across such situation when you were inches away from fulfilling your dream but you had to step back only because you had to choose one,  either to follow your dreams or being with your loved ones? Life isn’t easy as it seems to be but shall we stop dreaming because of it? What if someone offers you a magical life where you can live freely without any constraints?

You don’t need to worry about the present and nor about the future,  a life which only concerns you. I’m sure, nobody would like to miss such a chance. If I get a chance to live my life freely without any worries, constraints and nothing to hold me back, I would like to fulfill all my wishes and dreams that I wanted to come true one day. Here are my top five picks from my bucket list:

1. Go on a world tour

Yes, this is my very first wish. I love travelling but I never got a chance to anywhere outside India. I want to go to a world tour all alone, meet people, know about their culture, cuisines and tradition, click lots of pictures and bring back a lot of memories with me.  To start off, I want to go to London first, I wanted to see Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Tower Bridge and much more.

2. Open a dog kennel

I have three dogs at my home and the place where I live, there are no kennels around. I know how hard it is for people to take care of their pets when they are travelling often. I would like to open a kennel for dogs so that I could take care of them and being around with pets always makes me happy.

3. Do a documentary film on Cancer awareness

I am a media student and if I ever get a chance, I would like to do a documentary film on cancer. I have lost a very special person in my life due to it and so I want to aware people about cancer. Many people are still not aware of this disease and have many misconceptions about it, one of them being: Cancer is contagious.

4. Gift a house to my parents

I want to gift a house to my parents. This is one dream that encourages me to work hard everyday to reach my goal, settle down with a good job and surprise my parents with a house as a gift. That will be the happiest day of my life.

5. Own 1000 lipsticks!

This sounds crazy I know but what  more can you expect from a makeup lover? I love buying lipsticks in different shades and finishes. So far I could only reach 50. I hope in next few years I can reach half of my goal at least!

So, this was my bucket list, why don’t you share yours?

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