Best Friends Forever

I met my best friends 10 years back, in school. We used to sit next to each other in class, share our lunch boxes and play together. With her, everyday was full of fun . We were among the most talkative students in class and no matter how many times, the teacher changed our seats during the class, somehow we managed to sit together again! When we were in class vii, her father got transferred to Delhi and she had no choice but to leave the school and shift there. We promised each other to stay in touch regularly through emails, letters and calls. School was not the same without her. The excitement and fun were gone. I wrote letters to her on every second and fourth Saturdays and she wrote back to me on first and third Saturdays. This went on for a while and as time passed, I made new friends in school, so did she in her new school. Eventually the exchange of letters and phone calls became irregular from both the ends and by the time I finished my school, I had no contact with her for almost a year.

I decided to renew my contact with her and called her one day. A distant relative of my friend received the call and told me that she has shifted to Kolkata with her family few months back. I asked him, if he could give me any contact information. He gave me a phone number which I found was out of service. I was disheartened. I could only hope that someday she might miss me like I do and try to contact me. Meanwhile, I got admission to a college at Kolkata and I was happy about the fact that at least now I live close to her and if I am lucky enough, I might bump into her one day.


It was my first day in college, as I went inside, I saw a group of girls chatting among themselves, few boys looking around the classroom and few of them already dozing in their seats. I went inside and saw a vacant seat, I kept my bag on it. On my left was a serious looking guy with neatly combed hair and wore high-powered spectacles. On my right, there was only a bag and as it appeared to me, it belonged to a girl. Five minutes later, I saw a girl in blue top and black jeans entering the class and guess what, she was best friend from school! She saw me a bit later and as our eyes met, we couldn’t react or speak to each other for few seconds. The next moment we were hugging each other tightly and the class was staring at us wondering what’s wrong with these two girls. We went to the local coffee shop as soon as our class was over because we couldn’t hold the excitement.

We had lots of things to talk about. We apologized to each other for not keeping the promise of staying in touch. I told her how I missed her terribly in school and wished to meet her someday. She said that maybe we were supposed to get reunited this way. It was a great feeling to get reunited with my best friend after so many years. The bond we shared was so strong that destiny has brought us together again. I don’t remember exactly how many hours we spent at the coffee shop that day, all I remember was I got back my partner in-crime, my best friend and one of the most valuable person of my life that day.

I have got a chance to look up to my life with optimism and I know my best friend will be there forever to motivate and urge me for that.

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