Start a New Life

Being the youngest one in the family has its own perks. I am the youngest one in my family and I have an elder brother who was my partner in crime until I was in class 10. Soon after that he got a good job and settled abroad. We all were happy for him, but we missed him a lot during festivals because he could manage to come to India once in a year. Time passed and in two years, I found myself in a similar situation. I got admission to a good college far away from my hometown. I was excited and nervous at the same time, excited because I was finally going to join college and nervous because I have to stay away from my family.

As I broke the news to my parents, they were very happy and told me to shift to the new city as soon as possible and pursue my higher studies. I told them that I was a little nervous as I have never been away from home without them in these 18 years and now staying away from them all of a sudden seems so hard. It felt strange but my brother told me that it is just a phase that will pass and once I get a good job, I can buy my own house and bring them in so that they can stay with me. I made up my mind that I have to go the new place to complete my studies and get a good job. I have only one chance and I have to utilize it. My parents constantly motivated me and told me that I will learn to cope up with everything and every situation with time.

As I shifted to the new place, I got acquainted with many new people, made new friends. I learned to cook, wash and clean my room. I also learned to travel alone and paid bills alone. Now, I am more responsible about myself. I wake up at 6:00 a.m., clean my room, cook food, leave for college and do all types of works I never though I could manage to do alone. I do not have to depend on anybody to help me. I am thankful to God that I came across such a situation in life where I had to leave my home and accept a new change, settle in a new place with new people and surroundings. Staying away from home has boosted my confidence a lot and has given me the power to fulfill my dreams and make my way to a bright future. My parents are also proud of me and they are happy that I have shown the courage to accept new changes and make my life better. My hard work and self-confidence has helped me to get a good job and one day, I wish to buy a house and bring my family to stay in with me.


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