Health and Beauty Benefits of Blueberries

Hello lovely people, this post is a special one, guess why…. We are completing our 100th post with this one! Yay, it has been a wonderful journey so far with all your support and encouragement. A big thank you to all my readers!!!


I would like to ask you all to send in your queries and requests if you want me to write about something specific or review any product. We all love eating blueberries, don’t we? Blueberries are perennial flowering plants which bear blue/indigo colored berries tracing its origin from North America. They have enormous health and beauty benefits and are considered superfood too. Mainly the lowbush variety of berry is used for various commercial uses. Let us look at some benefits of including these berries in our daily routine:


  • Blueberries act as stress busters. so next time, something is worrying you, chill with a bowl of blueberry :p
  • Blueberries are rich in antioxidants like all other berries and reduces signs of aging and keeps you looking young. Blueberries nourishes the skin from within keeping it glowing and healthy.


  • Blueberries are very less in calories so they can be included in your diet  to reduce obesity. They are also high in fibers and helps in digestion and also checks blood sugar level.
  • Researches have proved that blueberries can prevent colon cancer if consumed regularly.  Blueberries also reduces the bad cholesterol level in  our body and reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.


  • Blueberries prevent hair greying and improves hair growth. Blueberry consumption release harmful toxins from the body too keeping skin spot free.
  • Blueberry scrub recipe: Mash few blueberries, to it add oats and 2 table spoons fresh yogurt. Mix well and apply this mixture on your face and massage in circular direction. Wash off after 5 minutes for a refreshed and tighter skin. Use twice a week.
  • Blueberry face pack:  Mash blueberries, mix it with 2 table spoons of honey, little milk apply it all over your face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use regularly for visible results .

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My Birthday Giveaway- Win a Gift Pack From Vaadi Herbals! (CLOSED)

Hello everyone, its time for another giveaway! With my birthday approaching soon (24th September) and not doing very well health-wise, I could arrange for a small giveaway this time. But I promise, I’ll be hosting a bigger giveaway with multiple winner once I get well completely. I could have postponed this giveaway but I really wanted to celebrate  my birthday with a giveaway for my lovely readers, so I just hosted it anyway.

In my last giveaway, the goodies were makeup products only so this time I decided to stick on with skin care goodies and have come up with a complete skin care set from Vaadi Herbals as the giveaway gift. This complete fairness skin care set from Vaadi Herbals will make your skin radiant and glowing with regular use. Skin care is not limited to girls so guys can also take part as well this time :p!

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Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

Hello darlings!! How are you all doing? Yesterday when I was checking my kitty ( just like that :p), I found that I have very few skin care products and more of makeup items. Many times, I went out of my house determined to buy a skin care product but end up buying makeup. My skin is a bit on the sensitive side so I usually avoid buying skin care products from market and try to depend on natural products as much as I can. But there is one skin care product which could be prepared at home and is also easily available at market and is equally effective. Yes! you guessed it right, rose-water! Lets see how rose-water benefits us in enhancing our beauty.


  • Spray some rose-water in a cotton ball and apply it on your face every morning after washing your face with water. It will remove all traces of oil and dirt and make your skin radiant.
  • Make toner at home by adding a pinch of camphor to your rose-water and store it in a cool dry place. Apply this mixture after cleansing to get rid of acne prone skin. With regular usage, it will also help to fade acne marks!


  • Make any face pack using rose water in place of plain water to get that extra glow.
  • To get rid of suntan and sunburn without spending money on expensive products, simply add few drops of rose water to a small bowl of tomato juice. Apply this to the affected area. This mixture with soothe your skin and remove tan effectively.
  • Apply rose water to your eyes every night to get rid of puffiness.


  • For blemish prone skin, rose-water acts as a miracle. Prepare a mixture of sandalwood powder, curd and rose-water and apply it to blemished area regularly. You will find your skin tone getting even in two weeks.
  • To keep up a healthy glow in your hair, prepare a hair mask using egg yolk, rose-water and jojoba oil. Apply it to your hair twice a week and get naturally healthy hair with added shine.

So, now you know few benefits of rose-water that could be used in your every day beauty regime. Do try it and let me know how it worked for you :). How do you use rose-water for your skin care? Let me know in the comments below…..

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Different Types Of Facial According To Your Skin Type

Hello lovely ladies, how are you all doing? We all follow the regular cleansing-toning-moisturizing process daily to keep our skin clean and glowing. But different skin types has slightly different skin needs. Though the CTM process is common for all skin types yet apart from these there are some extra beauty treatments which every skin types should need to follow. Facial is one such beauty treatment which every women above 40+ age need to take at least once in a month to rejuvenate their skin. There are many types of facials done at salons, if you choose the type of facial wisely then it can serve your skin in more than one way like getting rid of dull skin or blemishes, reducing wrinkles etc.


There are mainly three different types of skin ranging from normal to dry, combination & oily. In this post, I have provided a small guide for different types of facials according to different skin types. Check them out below:

1. Facials for normal to dry skin:


A. Plant stem facial

If you have normal skin, you are rather lucky!! In this case you can opt for a plant stem facial. The duration of this facial is 60 minutes. This facial is great for skin rejuvenation and replenishment. Plant cells are introduced in skin cells through treatments available in salons. These plant cells helps to replace the dead skin cells and stimulate them for proper growth. These facials are great to prevent ageing and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

B. Aromatic Facial

This is yet another useful facial for normal to dry skin. Usually people with dry skin lack moisture in the skin which leads to frequent skin dullness and premature signs of aging. With aromatic facials done at many salons and spas, it is becoming quite popular. They are usually done for a duration of 60-80 minutes. Use of essential aromatic oils, natural seaweed extracts in every step of the facial makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. This facial is great for getting a fair glowing skin.


2. Facials for oily skin:


A. Pearl Facial

Pearl facial is very useful for people with oily skin. Pearl facial contains real pearl extracts which helps in reducing skin dullness and brightening complexion. This facial is widely used for removing tans from skin. It follows deep pore cleansing, followed by light steam, skin massage with pearl enriched massage cream and ends with a replenishing face mask. The facial usually takes 40-60 minutes. This facial is great to achieve a fair and even complexion.

B. Silver Facial

Silver facial , as the name suggests, is enriches with the goodness of silver. This facial works great to detoxify skin. The silver facial includes a deep exfoliating, soothing gel, massage and a skin pack. This facial is usually done in an hour. Silver facial is useful to restore the pH balance of skin that might have been lost due to skin toxicity. This facial revives and purifies skin from within.


3. Facials for combination skin:


A. Platinum facial

Platinum facial is done to revive and recharge skin cells. This facial enriched in platinum extracts is said to recharge skin at the cellular level and strengthen tissues. This facial improves skin elasticity along with moisturizing and nourishing the skin cells. It is usually done in 50-60 minutes in salons. This facial is great for maintaining skin’s radiance and keeping skin youthful.

B. Gemstone facial

Gemstone facial is done at spas and is said to have an overall effect on the person’s mind and body. This facial is enrich with the goodness of precious and semi precious gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby that helps to slow down the ageing process and make skin tighter. This facial usually takes 80 to 90 minutes. This facial is said to balance skin and mind and help in cell renewal process. It also equally works on skin dullness, blemishes and pigmentation. Try out this facial for an overall skin replenishment.

I hope this article was helpful for you. Do share your comments below!!

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