Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

Hello darlings!! How are you all doing? Yesterday when I was checking my kitty ( just like that :p), I found that I have very few skin care products and more of makeup items. Many times, I went out of my house determined to buy a skin care product but end up buying makeup. My skin is a bit on the sensitive side so I usually avoid buying skin care products from market and try to depend on natural products as much as I can. But there is one skin care product which could be prepared at home and is also easily available at market and is equally effective. Yes! you guessed it right, rose-water! Lets see how rose-water benefits us in enhancing our beauty.


  • Spray some rose-water in a cotton ball and apply it on your face every morning after washing your face with water. It will remove all traces of oil and dirt and make your skin radiant.
  • Make toner at home by adding a pinch of camphor to your rose-water and store it in a cool dry place. Apply this mixture after cleansing to get rid of acne prone skin. With regular usage, it will also help to fade acne marks!


  • Make any face pack using rose water in place of plain water to get that extra glow.
  • To get rid of suntan and sunburn without spending money on expensive products, simply add few drops of rose water to a small bowl of tomato juice. Apply this to the affected area. This mixture with soothe your skin and remove tan effectively.
  • Apply rose water to your eyes every night to get rid of puffiness.


  • For blemish prone skin, rose-water acts as a miracle. Prepare a mixture of sandalwood powder, curd and rose-water and apply it to blemished area regularly. You will find your skin tone getting even in two weeks.
  • To keep up a healthy glow in your hair, prepare a hair mask using egg yolk, rose-water and jojoba oil. Apply it to your hair twice a week and get naturally healthy hair with added shine.

So, now you know few benefits of rose-water that could be used in your every day beauty regime. Do try it and let me know how it worked for you :). How do you use rose-water for your skin care? Let me know in the comments below…..

Images: Google