Common skin problems in monsoon!!

Monsoon brings a sigh of relief after the scorching summer heat. Monsoon means long drive with our loved ones or sitting by the window with our favorite book and a cup of hot cappuccino.  Whether it’s a light drizzle or heavy rainfall, monsoon makes up happy. But good things also come with side effects. The humidity in monsoon is the cause for various skin problems.  The humidity in air creates an ideal temperature for various bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from this, poor hygiene is another reason. Many of us skip regular showers in monsoon, wear clothes that are damp or wear clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe. Below mentioned is a list of common skin problems in monsoon and ways to prevent them:


  • Allergies: Allergies can occur due to multiple reasons. Allergies can affect any part of the body. They usually occur as tiny eruptions and are itchy. Allergies are generally cured through Antihistamines; however it is necessary to find out the underlying cause for proper treatment.  It is necessary to shower regularly and wear cotton clothes to avoid further irritation.
  • Psoriasis: A long lasting autoimmune disease often characterized by red scaly skin. It causes painful skin lesions. Contact a dermatologist as soon as you see the symptoms to undergo psoriasis therapy. Make sure to keep your skin dry and avoid moisture build up in skin folds.
  • Infections: Bacterial and fungal infections are very common in monsoon. The humid weather provides the perfect temperature for these microorganisms to thrive. Taking regular showers, using clean and dry clothes and maintaining proper hygiene is necessary in order to prevent infections.  Severe fungal or bacterial infections can lead to rise in body temperature which can be cured with proper medications


  • Patchy skin: Monsoon causes a lot of skin problems like dry and patchy skin. Skin dryness can lead to uneven complexion. It is necessary to keep skin moisturized and drink a lot of water. Contact a dermatologist and undergo skin rejuvenation treatments, for dark spots and uneven tone, laser surgery and laser skin resurfacing can be very helpful.
  •  Excessive sweating: Excessive sweating is a common skin problem that can occur in monsoon. To avoid excessive sweating use a good antiperspirant.  Shower regularly and wear light weight clothes. Avoid sweat build up and try to remain fresh all the time.

Follow these simple remedies to keep skin problems at bay during monsoon. Consult a doctor if you see any kind of skin problems occurring.

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