Say Yes To Sun Protection- Face Care For The Miss India In You!!

This article is in response to the ongoing Face Care for the Miss India in You Contest powered by Neutrogena, conducted by  for the upcoming Miss India 2014 Pageant.

Hello girls, hope you all are doing well. Summer is in and we all have to start taking utmost care of our skin to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays that can damage skin on prolonged exposure. So shall we stay away from sun always? No, sunlight is important for us. Sun is the major source of Vitamin D required by our body which helps in bone formation. Too much exposure to sun causes sun tanning which causes the skin to produce more melanin leading to skin darkening on exposed areas.

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The ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep within the skin and may kill skin cells too. Studies shows that prolonged exposure of the skin to UV rays for years after years has led to skin cancer. That is why it is highly recommended by cosmetologists to use sunscreen or sunblock to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays. In this post, I have listed  the basic skin care routine that you need to follow to get rid of suntan. Read on to know about them:

1. Cleansing


All beauty regime starts with cleansing. To cure any skin problem or to prevent any skin problem from occurring, you need to keep your skin clean and germ free. Cleansers are formulated with cleansing properties that cleans every bit of dirt from your face. Most cleansers comes with added benefit, that is, apart from cleaning your skin, they also help you to get rid of skin darkness, acne etc. So always choose the one that serves your skin condition best.

2. Toning


Toners are liquid solutions which are applied post cleansing. Toners help to shrink skin pores and tighten skin. All the dirt and germ enter our skin though these pores ,so they need to be minimized so that minimum amount of dirt can enter the skin. Look for alcohol free toners with soothing properties that will help to relieve tanned skin. Toners infused with soyabean extract can help to reduce skin discoloration and tanning.

3. Sunscreen Lotions


Once your skin is prepared with cleansing and toning, it is the time you need to apply the sunscreen. Sunscreens should be bought checking their Sun Protection Factor or SPF. Generally sunscreens within the range of SPF 30-50 works well for all skin. You must always keep in mind that your sunscreen must be mattefying and non comedogenic, this is because firstly, greasy sunscreens, feels heaving on skin and secondly, when you go out in the sun the sunscreen should not melt down when you sweat. Your sunscreen must be absorbed by the skin quickly so that it can work effectively for a longer time. So, if you have a dry skin, you can apply a moisturizer with it to prevent your skin from drying.

3. Sunscreen Solutions


Sunscreens can come in various forms, they maybe in the form of lotions, gels, creams or solutions. Sunscreen solutions can be sprayed directly to the skin or applied with a cotton ball. Sunscreen solutions or mists are preferred by oily skinned people or people who have to stay in the sun for longer period of time like sportsmen because they are completely water based, absorb in the skin instantly and is very light weight too with added benefit of SPF hence is preferred by many.

I hope this article was helpful. This steps will guide people dealing with skin tanning. Follow them regularly to achieve a tan free, clear and perfect skin that won’t be reluctant to go out in sun.

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