Dear Blog,Happy 3rd Birthday……

Hello people…. I can’t believe I’m writing a blog post right now! As I check my blog every now and then, a sense of guilt engulfs me. I have been away too long, my sincere apologies to all my readers. The last time I wrote a post was around 3 months back. I was away all this time because I got busy with some personal work. I shifted to Pune from Kolkata, back in September,with a new job. All these time, I was trying to fit myself in the city, discover new places and make friends. Though I haven’t learnt much of Marathi yet, I’m already in love with the Pune weather!! I have a tight schedule on weekdays and on weekends I usually out to discover wonderful places in the city. I really felt guilty for not finding out time to blog, something that I’m passionate about.I would come back home dead-tired and doze off to sleep, I couldn’t write even though I wished to.

Three birthday cupcakes

As my blog turns 3 today, I can say that I have got a lot because of my blog. I made so many blogger-friends, went to blogger meets and events, participated in blogging campaigns and every experience have been great. Since I was almost completely detached from blogging for a while, I’m yet to add bloggers buddies from Pune, so if any one of you reading this post today happens to be from Pune, do drop in a line and we can meet over a cup of “cutting chai” and a plate of “vada pav”.

Since I have a full-time job and few other commitments here and there, it might be slightly difficult for me to blog very often but I’ll do keep blogging, that’s for sure. Talking about blogging, that reminds me that I haven’t bought any makeup product since last 2 months and I really don’t know whether I should feel happy or sad about it. Well, that gives me a chance to save few bucks and get myself a MAC lippie that I have dreamed to buy since I ever got addicted to makeup. I hope I can buy one soon and review it here.


FYI, just because some of you might be wondering when my next post will be up, let me tell you that I have already started drafting it and it will be up this weekend!A big thanks to everyone who read and comment on my blog posts, your support have helped me a lot to continue blogging despite of all odds. Keep giving all the love and support and have a fabulous weekend…. Thank God It’s Friday!!!!