Best Home Remedies To Treat Skin Rashes

Hello all, how are you all doing. Sorry for being MIA for a while. My mom is visiting me in Kolkata and I am enjoying her company to the fullest. Anyways, I found some time to write down today and I am so happy to get back to blogging again! Today’s post will be focusing on some easily available home remedies to treat skin rashes which is very common to people with sensitive skin but it may equally occur to all skin types due to various reasons. Usually rashes are allergic reactions to foreign objects that comes in contact with our skin.


To cope with it we can always rely on some immediate and safe home remedies before we consult a doctor. Let us see what are those items, below:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that relieves itching caused from rashes and infections. Take few drops of raw apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply to the affected area. Alternatively, a few drops can also be added in your bath water for relief from constant itchiness.

2. Basil leaves


Fresh basil leaves has anti- itching compound called thymol which is great during rashes. Crush fresh basil leaves and apply on the affected areas. Leave till they dry up. Basil leaves come with other great health benefits too and regular consumption can help to keep up good health.

3. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is great for sunburnt and irritated skin. It soothes skin and keeps itchiness at bay. Cut open an aloe vera leaf and apply the gel oozing out from the leaf. The extra gel can be stored in an airtight container for a week.

4. Oatmeal


Oatmeal has avenanthramides popularly believed to reduce inflammation. It is used in some culture to treat eczema.. Make a paste with oatmeal and water and apply on the affected area for effective results. Use at least two times a day.

5. Turmeric


 Turmeric is widely used in India for its numerous health and beauty benefits.  Turmeric is used to cure eczema due to its antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Turmeric contains curcumin that  helps in healing skin disorders easily without any side effects.

Tell us about some home remedies you use or have come across to cure rashes. I’ll come up with a new post soon, till then, take care.


Lotus Herbals Claywhite- Black Clay Skin Whitening Face Pack Review

Hello all, how are you all doing? I’m back after the ‘Durga puja break’ though we have another important festival Lakshmi puja coming up in few days. I hope you all have enjoyed  the puja as much as I did. Soon we will be celebrating Diwali in few days. So you see, we have an array of festival lined up for the season. Today I’ll be reviewing a face pack from one of my favourite brand Lotus Herbals. It is a skin whitening pack consisting of black clay.


Read on to know if this face pack is worth buying:

Price: INR 275 for 120g

Ingredients: Contains Methyl Paraben and Proplyl Paraben

What the Product Claims: Black Clay: Very rich in minerals and silica, helps to brighten facial complexion.

Bearberry Extract: Rich in Arbutin, helps to lighten complexion.

Liquorice Extract: Lighten facial complexion.

Method of Use: Wash your face with mild soap and blot dry. Apply a generous amount of Claywhite on face and neck, leaving eyes. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Follow with ‘Lotus Herbals Fairgel’.

My Take on the Product: The product comes in a cream-colored tube with a sturdy flip cap. The packaging is very user-friendly like every other products from the house of Lotus Herbals.


The face pack has texture like that of clay since it is a black clay face pack. The face pack is easy to apply and spreads evenly though the consistency is on the thicker side. I like the color of the face pack, it is bluish grey in color and looks very different from other face packs I use, which are usually white, pink or yellowish :p.


I don’t like the smell of this face pack and it smells somewhat like ‘Lacto Calamine’. I am using this face pack for over three months now but I haven’t seen any whitening effect on my skin yet. This face pack has a mixed effect on my skin, sometimes it works fine in a row of 2-3 uses and sometimes it gives me breakouts within a few hours of using it.


I also feel a mild tingling sensation with the face pack on. Overall I feel this product is over priced and do not completely justifies what it claims to….

Pros: 1. Travel friendly packaging

2. Love the color of the  face pack.

Cons: 1. Overpriced

2. Does not whiten skin as it claims to

3. Causes occasional breakouts

4. I do not like the fragrance

My Rating: 3/5

Will I Repurchase It?: No, I will try some other face pack next time, suggestions are always welcome :)…..

Have you used Lotus Herbals Claywhite Black Clay face pack? Share your experiences below…..