Five Physical Activities To Reduce Stress

Hello all, we all get stressed at one point of the time or the other due to heavy workload or taking too much tension. Stress is very harmful for mind and body and can affect both. Being stress free helps us to meet our goals faster and make our work much easier thus leading a less complicated life. A stress free lifestyle is  what we need to cope up with our surroundings and situations. To lead s stress free life, regular exercise is necessary.


Exercise is a great natural way to reduce stress and additionally it keeps our body and mind healthy and fit. Let us look at some exercises below that will reduce stress:

1. Aerobics



Aerobic exercises are high energy exercises that increase the heart rate which in turn leads your body to release endorphins that helps you feel good both physically and mentally. Aerobic exercises may include cycling, running, dancing etc. It is better to consult a doctor before starting high energy workouts. Pregnant women, people with heart problems and aged people should avoid aerobics.

2. Yoga



Yoga is practiced in India for ages as an effective form of meditation. It included a series of postures accompanied by deep breathing. Yoga helps to rejuvenate your mind and body, reduce stress  and also cure pains. Yoga helps to increase concentration and could be  practiced by everyone.

3. Kickboxing




Kickboxing includes controlled kicking and punching movements. It is a form of rigorous workout. Regular practice helps to improve coordination, control movement, flexibility and reduce stress. It helps to work out frustration thus helping to kick away tension and anger.

4. Pilates



Pilates is named after Joseph Pilates who is credited with the method of mat exercises and series of controlled movements often associated with this form of exercises. Pilates helps to promote focus, circulate proper oxygen flow in the body, tone up your body, burn fat and also reduce stress to great extent. Pilates also improves body’s flexibility.

5. Tai Chi (Spelt Tie-Chee)



Tai Chi, which evolved as an ancient Chinese technique of self-defense, later evolved as a form of exercise that include series of movement performed in a slow and focused manner accompanied with deep breathing. Tai Chi could be  practiced by people of all ages since it puts minimum stress on muscles. It is said to be a form of meditation in motion with the use of flowing movements.

What do you do to reduce stress? Do let us know in the comments below…………