Skin 18 L’Affair Collagen 3 Step Skin Renewal Mask Review

Hello girls, how are you doing? It’s already spring and I see so many discounts on clothing and accessories in different stores. My life has been the same, nothing new to share. I had my exams last week which kept me a little busy in preparing. I can’t wait to April to get over when I’ll be completing my post graduation. So, few weeks back when I came home from a tiring day at office, my neighbor handed me a package. When I opened it, I found our that skin 18 has sent me a couple of different face masks and serum to try. Skin 18 is a Korean skin care website which believes in beautiful skin. Their concern is to help every women get the right skin care so that they look forever 18!


Since my skin feels very dry and dull these days due to the change of weather, I decided to start with the L’Affair Collagen 3 Step Skin renewal mask. As the website says, this complete  skin care kit helps to replenish and revitalize the skin and remove skin dryness. As you can see the package, it has three ingredients: a facial foaming cleanser, a high functional ampoule and the mask and you can easily figure out in what sequence you need to use them because they have already indicated that.


My take on the product: I could click a step by step picture  for the whole process but I am going to  describe how each product looked like and the consistency along with the immediate and after affects.

  • So the first step involved using the facial foaming cleanser. I had to squeeze out the product and apply it on my clean face, the cleanser was white in color and had a thick  and creamy texture. On applying it on wet face, it lathered well into a rich foam. The cleanser had a pleasant smell which was very similar to Clean and clear foaming face wash. After washing it off, my skin felt instantly clean and fresh. It removes all the dirt and oil and hydrates the skin. My skin didn’t feel dry at all


  • The next step was to apply the high functional ampoule. The ampoule was a clear liquid but not very runny. It had the right consistency like a light weight serum. The fragrance was very refreshing and it got absorbed on my skin very easily. The ampoule provides instant hydration and moisturizes the skin well


  • The last step is to apply the mask.The mask helps to improve skin elasticity and boosts cell renewal. I kept the mask for around 20 minutes. The result was soft, supple and nourished skin. Though the mask claims to shrink pores but I think it will take some time.You need to use the kit at least once a week for a month to see effective results.


Pros: 1. Cleanses skin

2. Nourishes and replenishes

3. Reduce dryness and dullness

4. Improves skin elasticity

5. Boosts cell growth

Cons: Absolutely nothing!

Rating: 5/5

Final Verdict: If you are suffering from dry skin then you should definitely use L’Affair Collagen 3 Step Skin renewal mask and give a boost of nourishment and replenishment to you skin. It is a perfect skin food that will do wonder to your skin. You can check out their website for wonderful skin care products.