A Ray of Hope

Mankind is mortal. We may not get our loved ones beside us forever but the moment we spend with them stay in our heart as long as we live. Losing someone or something we love is very painful, but does that stop us from living our life? No, we have to move on and accept the bitter truth. Loss is never permanent, all the sorrows and pain that seems unbearable at a certain time will eventually be healed. Nobody should give up hope for the future because who knows, someone or something might bring a ray of hope into your life and change it forever…..

I can say this with confidence because I have come across similar situation in life where I was about to give up all hopes to live life when the most special person in my life gave me the ray of hope to live my life with confidence and make my way towards a better future. This incident happened three years ago, I had just appeared for my 12th board exams and in few moths I was about to join college. I took two-years consecutive coaching for medical entrance and I scored really well in mock tests. So, me along with my family were confident enough that I would make through the medical entrance exams and join a good medical college. As time passed, I focused more and more on my entrance preparations. I appeared in 2-3 medical entrances and unfortunately I couldn’t make through any of them. When I came to know that I couldn’t qualify for the third (and the last) entrance too, I was shattered. My parents were equally upset. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of nowhere. I haven’t applied for other courses in any college, neither I gave a thought about pursuing a different career other than MBBS. All through my life, my parents have been my backbone, they were always there for me and now when I have shattered their dreams, there was no one to hold my hand or support me during my hard time. I locked myself up in my room for almost a week and I didn’t spoke to anybody including my parents. The only time I came around them was during lunch or dinner. Time was passing by like this and I was mentally preparing myself to accept that I have to waste a year and reappear for medical entrance next year. One afternoon, while I was going through the pages of my entrance books, my mother came up to me and handed me an envelope. It was an approval letter from a mass communication institute where I had applied few month back! It went completely out of my mind as I was too busy preparing for medical.


My mom sat beside me and called my dad. I was scared thinking that my dad will get furious at me but what happened was exactly the opposite. My dad came up and read the letter. He asked me whether I really want to study mass communication or have applied for it casually. I told him that I have always wanted to study mass communication but I shifted my focus to medical entrance because he wanted me to become a doctor and by no means I wanted to upset him. He sat beside me and said ” What really matters is your happiness and your choice, after all it’s your life and you have the sole right to decide what to do with it. We are always there to help you and guide you when you need but the final decision is always yours. Yes, we were a little upset with your entrance result because we had high hopes but we never want you to sacrifice your choice just to make us happy. Follow your heart and make us proud!” Those few lines were enough to boost my confidence. My life, which seemed to me like a dark room with nowhere to escape few minutes back now seemed like a path filled with new opportunities. That was my moment filled with optimism and hope for future, a moment that has helped me to build my career, earn success and make my parents proud.

Share with me any of  your precious moment where you were filled with hopes for the future………..

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Pillar Of Strength

I consider myself as the luckiest person on earth because I have got a very supportive family who have been my pillar of strength whenever I found myself in a tough situation. I am thankful to almighty for giving me such a lovely family. My family has always provided their support, encouragement and guidance to help me achieve my goals. The biggest credit though, goes to my father. He is the person I am closest to and I have always looked up to him as my inspiration. My father is a hardworking man and he is strictly against shortcuts. I have grown up seeing him fulfilling our needs selflessly and working day and night to keep me and my mother happy. I hardly remember him taking leave from his work unnecessarily. When I was in class 2 or 3, my father once told me that hard work done with dedication always pays off well. I have followed his advice in every step of my life and whatever I have achieved so far, is mostly due to him and his guidance.


At school, I was weak at mathematics. When all my teachers almost lost hope on me, my dad was confident that I could do well if I tried hard. He used to write down all the mathematical formulas in a chart paper and stick it in my bedroom wall. He made sure I read them daily. He would sacrifice watching his favourite cricket match on TV  just to guide me with my studies. He bought me new books every now and then and encouraged me to work hard. If he haven’t been so caring and helpful, I wouldn’t have scored 70% marks in my mathematics exams every year. Apart from studying, he has equally encouraged me in different activities too. He used to rush back home from his office twice a week to take me to my dance class which was almost 5 kms away from my home, wait there for 2 hours until my class gets over and bring me back home safely. He knew how much I loved dancing and this is why he never failed to encourage and support me so that I can continue doing what I love to do. His level of patience and his determination is matchless. My father has taught me to be independent, self-reliant and brave. He taught me to respect people and value emotions. He has taught me to take the right path because it always leads to success.

I have crossed different milestones in my life and there are plenty of milestones to reach. Situations change so do people, but as long as I have that one person with me, I know, no hurdles can stop me and no distractions can come on my way. My father is the person I have always looked up to. He is the one who has encouraged me to make my life worthwhile and I’ll always be indebted to him for that.

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