The Goodness of Ayurveda

Beautiful, spotless and glowing skin is every woman’s dream. We spend thousand bucks on different skincare products and treatments that claim to give us a clear skin. Most of the times, these creams and treatments use a lot of chemicals that are harmful for our skin and causes side effects later on.

From ancient times, women as well as men has relied on ayurveda to achieve beautiful skin naturally. Ayurveda, meaning the science of life, was developed in India thousands of years ago and it is being practised and followed till date. It is a blend of nature and science. Ayurvedic skincare helps to achieve problem free and clear skin naturally without paying a lot or using too many chemicals on skin. Ayurvedic skin treatment are 100% safe and reliable ans suits all skin types.

I am sharing some simple ayurvedic skincare tips that will help you to achieve clear and glowing skin naturally and in no time:


  • Wash you face twice daily with lukewarm water. It improves blood circulation and makes your skin healthy.
  • Thrice a week, make an ubtan using oat and water. Apply it all over you face and neck. massage thoroughly for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. This ubtan is extremely useful in removing dead skin cells thus allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Make a paste of orange peel and yogurt in winter and apply it on your face to keep your skin moisturized.
  • In summer, carry a bottle of cucumber water or rosewater in your bag and spray it on you face and neck when you feel tired. Rose water and cucumber water both acts as natural toner and refreshes tired and dull skin
  • Take almond oil or jojoba oil massage on your whole body twice a week to get moisturized and soft skin.
  • Heat coconut oil and massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight to get thick lustrous hair.

Vicco Turmeric Cream with foam base is made up of ayurvedic formulations and is free from chemicals. It has the goodness of turmeric that even out skin problems like oiliness, pimples etc and impart a natural glow to the face. It is also equally effective on rashes and minor cuts and wounds. So, you can get a clear skin with every wash.

Ayurveda believes in achieving a balance of body and mind. Practice asanas, yoga and meditate daily to lead a stress free life. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, water and avoid processed food to get a healthy skin. Enjoy soaking yourself in sun during winter and in summer let the cool breeze touch your body. Stay in close contact with nature. Sleep peaceful and cheerful. When you are peaceful and happy, you skin is ought to glow!

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Travelling With The Toddlers

When I was a kid, December used to be the most cherished month of the year because I used to get gifts from Santa and travel to different parts of India to spend my vacation with my family. Now that I have grown up and see the little ones in my family, I realize that some things are never meant to change. Kids make any vacation or outing much more fun and lively.

Last summer when my niece ( who was in class I then) and nephew ( who was in class III then) visited us, we had lots of fun. One fine day my niece came up to me and said ” Masi, lets go to Machhuri!”, me- “Machhuri what??” At this time, my nephew who was busy with his drawing book, looked up and said ” Masi, its Mussoorie, the queen of hills!” Well, when I was in class III, all I wanted to go was to the circus.  Kids these days are really very fast, I mumbled. It took  me us 2 days to convince everyone. As planned, we were all set to visit the queen of hills in December.


The long train journey wouldn’t have been fun if the kids were not there to make us laugh. They were twice as excited as we were. They carried board games with them that really helped me to pass the sleepless night at the train. Once we reached, the kids started jumping out of excitement at the station itself. The shopkeepers at the platform and few passengers waiting to board their train looked at the kids and grinned. Luckily, the hotel where we checked in had a park for kids. By the time we left our luggage and went out for lunch, the kids have befriended almost everyone in the hotel! I wonder how kids can befriend anyone so easily, while it takes us a lifetime to trust somebody. The next day we went to the Gun Hill. The road trip was amazing and the scenic beauty was stunning. It was a joy ride to the Gun Hill through the cable cars. It was the first time the kids were riding through a cable car, they made sure that they pose for pictures in it so that they can show them off to their friends back at school. Next we went to Kempty Falls, It was a breathtaking view, neither the adults nor the kids could take their eyes off from this wonderful view. The next day, we visited two other falls- the Bhatta Falls and the Jharipani Falls and ended with a visit to the Nag Dev temple. The view from this temple was mesmerizing.  The whole Mussoorie could be seen from that place. We had three binoculars with us, two of them were with the kids and there was no chance to get access to any one of them as long as we were there so we adults managed with one binocular only.  My niece said ” I wish I could see the whole of Kolkata from the Kali temple near our house”. ” I hope that happens soon” is all I could say.


The next day we took a day off and went for some shopping nearby. It was fun. We got some lovely winter wears and the local sellers were so friendly with us. the kids got colorful woolen caps for themselves and clicked pictures wearing the traditional Garhwali dress. “Oh my god, the dress was so heavy, I wonder how do these people manage to wear them” said my nephew. The fourth and last day of the trip was to Mussoorie lake, we had a small picnic there. The kids had lots of chips, cookies, cakes and chocolates. They also fed the ducks while boating in the lake. The place was calm and peaceful with lots of flowers and tall trees. The sunset was another splendid view. Finally we boarded a train back the next day. It was a great trip and the best part was the kids enjoyed it very much. Really, a child’s presence can make every situation more fun, their curiosity, silly questions and innocence can melt anybody’s heart.

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