Haircare Guide For Monsoon

Hello darlings, monsoon is already here and I hope you all are enjoying this lovely season. Monsoon rains are great relief for the scorching summer heat but you are most likely to get ill during this time due to damp weather and excessive moisture. I personally do not like this seasonĀ  because with the onset of monsoon I face a lot of hair related problems. Most of the girls who have long hair will agree with me that their hair problems double up during rainy season. Too much humidity makes hair frizzy and prone to breakage. Some even develop dandruff which do not go off easily. But don’t worry, in this post, I have listed a simple hair care guide that will help to get rid of frizzy & dull hair in monsoon. Read on to know about it:


  • Use a milder shampoo and conditioner in monsoon instead of your regular one. The humid weather outside tends to make your hair brittle and prone to breakage, a mild shampoo will not be harsh for the scalp and thus prevent breakage to some extent. If your hair gets very frizzy, try using a frizz free shampoo for your hair.


  • Avoid experimenting with hair dyes and colors which are heavy in chemical content. They will harm your hair quality and make it much worse. Avoid hair styling product as much as you can. Too much humidity tends to turn your hair greasy and oily with the usage of styling products.


  • Avoid frequently washing your hair in monsoon. This may lead to dandruff problems. Wash your hair in every 3-4 days with mild shampoo and conditioner and try to dry to hair completely to avoid dirt building up in your hair roots which leads to hair fall.


  • If you have frizzy hair, go for a light weight serum after washing your hair to avoid hair breakage and prevent dullness. Hair serum will keep the moisture locked to your hair and prevent dryness. Use wide toothed comb to prevent hair breakage. If your hair tends to get oily soon, it is best to avoid serum.


  • Oil your hair once a week during monsoon. Take a hot oil massage at night and wash off your hair in the morning. Natural oils like coconut and olive are free from chemicals and safe to use. Oil massage helps to improve blood circulation in scalp and make hair follicles stronger.


  • Eat protein rich foods like eggs, leafy green vegetables and pulses as much as you can. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair shiny and avoid dullness. You can also apply protein hair pack twice a month for smoother and better hair. Mix egg yolk, 1 table-spoon of honey and olive oil each in a bowl and apply in to your hair. Wash off after 20 minutes with your shampoo and follow-up with conditioner.


  • Clean your hair accessories regularly to avoid fungal infections which is common in monsoon. Also avoid tying your hair unless it is completely dry to avoid dandruff and lice.


These are some easy hair care tips you can follow to avoid hair problems in monsoon. What do you do to avoid hair problems during rain? Share your thoughts in the comments below.