Banjara’s Multani Mitti + Orange Oil Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash Review, Usage and Price

Hi, Durga Puja is around the corner and no wonder all bongs look forward to celebrate the occasion with lots of enthusiasm. This year, things have been a little different and difficult for me. I am working and I am not getting any time to go out and shop. Yes, you heard it right! Only a few days are left for the puja to start and I could manage to find a little time and get only one set of dress for me. I’m at home today but I guess, I have to do the rest of the shopping online because I do not feel like going out today. I know I might not make it to the salon too at the last moment so I have started a regular skincare routine at home itself. I am currently using an exfoliating face wash and I love how it is working on my skin! Read on to know more about it:

Price: 100ml for INR 100

Key ingredients: Multani mitti, Orange peel powder

Method of use: Moisten your face and neck, take ample amount opf the product and massage it gently avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice daily for best results.

My take on the product: The product comes in a white tube with an orange flip cap. The packaging is spill proof and leak proof. The face wash has a light orange color and smells like oranges just like the name suggests. I love its fruity fragrance. The face wash is neither too thick nor too runny and when applied on wet skin, it spreads evenly and creates nice foam.


The face wash has micro beads which are also of the same color as the face wash and you cannot distinguish them unless you see them under proper light or feel it on your skin. The beads are very mild on the skin and removes dirt and impurities from within giving a clean and fresh face after every wash.


The face wash is also effective in removing excess oils, dead skin cells and reduces blackheads/whiteheads visibly on regular usage without any side effects like dryness or breakouts. Since it is made up of natural ingredients, it can be used without any worry. Overall I am really impressed with the face wash and will surely repurchase it in future!


Pros: 1. Deep cleanses the face

2. Removes oil and dirt

3. Made up of natural ingredients

4. Smells really nice.

Cons: None!

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Recommended to oily/combination skin people who are looking for a mild regular facewash.


Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash Review

Hello peeps, most of us suffer from pimples during adolescence. Pimples are worst nightmares for teenagers. Luckily I never had to deal with too much pimples, yes, they do show up sometimes and it is really very annoying. “Clean and Clear Oil Control” face wash has been my HG face wash for years. Last month when I went to get another tube for me, a pretty green packing caught my attention and I bought this new variant of Clean and Clear face wash.


Read on to know whether it really works on pimples:

Price: INR 99 for 80ml

Ingredients: As mentioned at the back of the tube

Method of Use: Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for the skin that’s clean, clear and beautiful.

My Take on the Product: The face wash comes in a green tube with a plastic flip cap. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. The face wash is transparent and consistency is neither too thick nor too runny.

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The face wash smells like citrus and I’m in love with its fragrance! On apply to wet face it forms a rich lather. The face wash do not comes off easily and requires to wash thoroughly.


People with dry skin should stay away from this face wash as it will make your skin dry. I have combination skin and whenever I use this face wash, I have to follow-up with a moisturizer to avoid dryness.


Since I do have major pimple problem, I cannot say how it will work on them but this face really works on light pimples but it will take time and won’t show result after first wash as it claims. Pimples gets clearer only after a week of use, so you need to be patient. I’m not sure whether it will work on excess pimples.

Pros: 1. Inexpensive

2. Contains lemon and neem

3. Smells wonderful

Cons: 1. Takes time to work on pimples

Rating: 4/5

Rating: Will I repurchase It?: I’ll keep it as a substitute  for my Clean and Clear Oil Control face wash and will use it only when my pimples will show up.

Have the tried the Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face wash yet?

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All the best! xoxo