Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Hair Serum Review, Usage and Price

Hello all, I am back after a long gap! I am not doing well from yesterday as I have got a throat infection and it is paining like hell. Anyway, I have been also suffering from hair problems recently like excess hair fall and friziness. My doctor says this is due to stress. Well, I had to look for some good solution to my friziness at least. I had this hair serum called Trichoz from Ethicare Remedies a lying unused in my drawer for few weeks, I decided to give it a try and here is my verdict about the product after a usage of two long weeks:

Price: 100 ml for INR 290.

Key ingredients: Amino acids, Vitamin E, O.M.C, UV filters

Method of use: Apply a pea size solution to wet or dry hair and apply it evenly from root to tips.

My take on the product: Ethicare Remedies Trichoz hair serum comes in a transparent tiny bottle with a flip cap. It reminds me of the smaller version of matrix serum. Due to its small size and sturdy packaging, it is very convenient to carry it around in a small purse.


The hair serum is non sticky but is thicker in consistency compared to all other hair serums I have used so far. People with oily scalp or thin hair be very careful not to use too much of the hair serum as it will further weigh down your hair.


The serum has UV filters that protect hair from sun damage, it also smells very pleasant. After applying it for two weeks, I can feel that my hair frizziness has gone and my hair feels more manageable than before. On application, the serum spreads evenly on hair and reduces hair tangles. The hair serum also reduces split ends, seals hair cuticles and imparts a healthy shine.


If you have too dry hair then this serum will act as an instant moisturizer. The only thing which I do not like is the thick consistency of the serum; I wish it was a little bit more on the lighter side.


Pros: 1. Reduce frizziness

  1. Nourishes hair
  2. Strengthens hair cuticles
  3. Smells pleasant
  4. Very convenient to carry around

Cons: The consistency is very thick and might weigh down thin hair

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: I will recommend Ethicare Remedies Trichoz hair serum to all those who suffer from dry, brittle and lifeless hair.

  • PR sample, honest review