Home Remedies For Preventing Premature Hair Grey

Hello all, hair problems are very common today due to change in lifestyle and harmful environmental factors. Out of all common hair problems which includes hair fall and dandruff, hair greying is becoming increasingly a serious concern for men and women who are not only 40+ but even at very young age like people in their 20s and 30s. The presence of few grey hair strands can ruin your look and obviously if you are in your twenties and experiencing grey hair problems, this could be very frustrating for you.


Luckily, there are some natural solutions to prevent premature hair grey so that you don’t have to run to a salon to get your hair colored to hide those grey hair strands here and there. let us look at some of those home remedies below:

1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)


Boil 3-4 pieces of amla in coconut oil till it turns black. Apply this to your hair roots and strands and massage well to get rid of grey hair naturally. Amla juice can also be consumed orally, it will prevent premature greying of hair and will also take care of other health related issues keeping you healthy.

2. Curry Leaves


Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil until it turns black. apply the mixture to your hair. This will help you to get rid of grey hair in no time. Curry leaves can also prevent hair loss. Alternatively you can also prepare a nourishing hair pack using curd, rosemary oil and curry leaves.

3. Onion


Onion juice is very effective in preventing hair loss and reducing grey hair. Cut an onion in two halves and rub the inner parts directly to your scalp. You will notice the difference in your hairĀ  in a month.

4. Mango seed


Make a powder of mango seed and gooseberry. mix them together and apply to your hair to get rid of grey hair problems without affecting the quality of your hair. Use this pack twice a month for best results.

5. Carrot


Prepare a mixture of grated carrot, fenugreek seeds and sesame oil. Keep this mixture in a container and put the jar under the sun regularly for a month. After a month use this mixture on your hair on every alternate day for at least three months. This mixture is very effective in preventing greying of hair.

So next time you see a strand of grey hair, don’t panic. Make use of any of the above home remedies to get rid of them. I hope this article was helpful, do share your thoughts below…