Blog Anniversary and a Surprise

Hello Friends,

So the day has come when I have two celebrations waiting for you. One is the Grand 2nd Anniversary of my blog, BONG BEAUTY PALETTE and another? Well I am glad to introduce a new writer to you guys, my friend and co-blogger Kasturika Ghosh who has been writing for me for quite some time now.


I still remember the day when I first started blogging. I was pretty anxious and quite uncertain of the future. But gradually as I started gaining applause, winning the blog contests and have also attended two bloggers’ meet, my confidence grew. Now, with you all by my side and my friend Kasturika, I can see the horizon already.

Well there is some other news as well. My blog is growing. Well of course it has grown pretty well in the last two years but what I actually mean is that I am all set to explore other genres besides beauty and fashion. We are introducing new categories like Book reviews, Film reviews, Restaurant and Hotel reviews for you guys. Stay tuned in for more news and surprises.


Read this: Few Important Changes In The Blog

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing fine. It is going to be a month next week since I started my blog. Thank you everyone for your love & support. I want my readers to love this blog as much as I do, so I have decided to bring few changes in the blog for your convinience. Please read them carefully :-


1. The  blog will not be limited to makeup only. The blog will also cover posts on general beauty & wellness. I’ll soon include Nail arts & may also include LOTDs in the list.

2.A new section called “My Favourite Five” will be included which will include my favourite five picks from different beauty

3. I have categorized all the reviews in the blog for your convinience. You can click on each of categories in the Menu Bar above the current blog post or at the right side under “Archives”.

4. If you want me to review anything in particular, feel free to contact me & I will surely try to review them for you. My contact details are given on my Contact me page. You can also comment in my posts for the same.

That’s all for now. I hope you will love these new changes in my blog. See you in my next post soon. Take care.

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