Know Me


Hii there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Shreoshe, a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Kharagpur who instinctively gives more priority to lipsticks and mascaras than “macher jhol-bhaat” (fish curry & rice). I’m a media professional currently working in Pune and I love to blog whenever I could squeeze some free time out. My blog is a platform to pen down my thoughts and ideas about the things I love- makeup, skincare, fashion, shopping and lifestyle :).

Here’s a little about me in details:

Skin tone: Medium to dusky

Skin type: Combination (oily in summer, dry in winter)

Skin problems: Pigmentation and rarely acne

Hair color: Black

Hair Type: Wavy

Hair Problems: Dry hair, split ends, oily scalp

Eye color: Black

Products I love to use: Lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows & nail paints

Welcome to my world, welcome to Bong Beauty Palette!!


6 thoughts on “Know Me

  1. Hi Shreoshe 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Blog link. Explored your recommendations for skin. I found it extremely impressive !! Keep it up.


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