Press Release: Renew The Glow and Glimmer with Vedic Line Organic Facial Kits


November 2015: A lot has been said about how beneficial facials are and everyone irrespective of age needs to maintain a good skin that would help in the long run when skin starts showing signs of aging or simply when pollution and weather plays up in damaging the skin. Vedic Line brings together a whole series of facial kits in small and professional kit sizes to help you glow and nourish your skin. They offer facials for every skin type and take special initiative for redefining the skin regime and banishing problems like acne and aging. From floral remedies to ayurvedic enriched facials Vedic Line has a remedy for each skin type, Fruit Tropicana, Flower Power, Bio Rhythm, Neem Brahmi, Papaya and Lime  are just few names to the list.

Highlighted Facial Kits:

Bio Rhythm Facial: In France, Red wine barrel bath is suggested for defying wrinkles as red wine has its own culture and helps in rejuvenating the skin which is now much appreciated world over. It speeds up metabolism of cells and helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Ideal for mature and 30+ aged skin provides real and direct absorption of red wine along with collagen.


Neem Brahmi Facial: Neem being one of the most prominent ayurvedic herbs is an excellent blood purifier and helps maintain healthy blood circulation. Brahmi being rich in Vitamin C treats skin problems, energizes cells, heals skin and reduces scarring. Embellica is an antioxidant that is rich in vitamin C as well with anti bacterial and astringent qualities. All these ingredients combined with Aloe Vera that provides a barrier to shield from toxins is ideal to nourish an acne prone skin. It also has extracts from the Basil plant that opens up clogged pores.


Bio Rhythm Facial: Rs.760

Pic 1 Bio Rythm For Skin Care

Neem Brahmi Facial: Rs.1035

Pic - 1 Neem & Brahmi Facial Kit

Fruit Tropicana Facial: Rs.735


Flower Power Facial: Rs.740

Pic 1 Flower Power Range

Papaya and Lime Facial: Rs.1165

pic 1Main Category of  papaya Product Line

About Vedic Line: Vedic Line products are based on extremely well researched Ayurvedic Science for treatment and regeneration of skin and hair. They include a variety of outstanding products like shampoos, matching conditioners, skin firming and nourishing creams, moisturizing lotions, scrubs, packs, oils, hydrating gels etc.  Vedic Line products are different from so called Natural Herbal products since they are formulated according to potent curative, healing and corrective properties of pure oriental herb extracts as laid down in Ayurveda. Products deliver the results promised by herbs. The basic philosophy of Vedic Line is activating the body to help itself so that healing and correction takes place from within.


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