Exquisite Designs and an Out-of-the-World Experience with Kylis Bathroom Range

Don’t know about others, but for me, bathroom is the first place to visit in the morning. I just cannot start my day without washing my face and glancing at the looking glass over the mirror after. So, I have to make sure that I like the first look of my washroom in the morning and it has to be something exceptional to kick-start my day. And I know this is the case with almost everybody. A good day begins with a good bathroom. As offending as it sounds, you know quite well that it is true.

Many of us prefer a simple closed look for our bathrooms without many accessories. That cuts down the investment and give us a chance to focus on the other rooms. But, there are a percentage of people who like to view their bathroom as the place where they would like to spend hours in complete tranquility. These people look for a special touch to their otherwise simple and sober washrooms. Exclusively for them, the new Kylis range presented by Hindware can work wonders. It falls among the classy Italian collection of bathrooms with gorgeous designs and simply outstanding functionality. As it is, the term Italian is almost synonymous to sophistication and Kylis perfectly defines this term.


Well the only problem with Kylis bathrooms is that you are definitely going to get late for your daily chores once you step inside. The out-of-the-world feeling is simply going to hypnotize you and make you stay there for hours. Yes, it is that powerful.

Why should you opt for Kylis bathrooms and not something else?

I can give you hundreds of reasons why this range is simply the best choice for your bathroom. But they are mostly my opinions about this exceptional range. What you need is a more general explanation as to why Kylis can be the best choice for you. Hence, read along:

  • They are a product of Hindware. The name’s enough isn’t it?

  • Chromium plated 100% acid resistant with a long lasting glaze.

  • 100% guaranteed leak free using a zero drip technology.

  • Use German engineering for 100% guaranteed anti splash technology

  • Virgin brass body with 63% copper to ensure flawless casting

  • Smooth flow using top class Spanish technology


Can you get all of the above mentioned qualities in something else other than Hindware?

Umm…most probably not. That answers the question of “why Kylis” I suppose.

All of us secretly adore the washrooms in the shopping malls and hotels, don’t we? Well, why not bring that feeling to our own bathrooms? We do not have to do much for that. A little change here and there and we can achieve that all-furnished beautiful look that we are craving for.

If you say that you are happy with your current bathroom, well and good. But, there is no harm in changing the closet for a more sophisticated one or to furnish your wash basin and use the Kylis range of exclusive Italian counterpart. After all, you should not only think about yourselves, but also the satisfaction of your guests.

Having a beautifully furnished bathroom is one of the primary requisites for a new home. Just imagine your new abode being designed by the exceptional Kylis wash basins and one piece Atlanta closets, or the contemporary style Malibu wash basins with 100% corrosion resistant properties, sounds like a dream, right? Then why not turn your dream into reality? As it is you are investing a lump sum in other aspects of getting your new home furnished, so why not put some part of it in a well furnished bathroom? Think and think quickly. Your dream wash room is waiting for you.


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