Some Quick Updates About my Life!!

Hello readers, I hope you are doing great! I am going to keep this post really short and tell all of us about few things which is keeping me away from blogging recently (no, I am NOT getting married right now :p). I am currently doing my post graduation in Public Relations, I have classes from 8am in the morning so I have to wake up really early (sigh!) on weekdays. A week back, I joined an office as a content specialist, I am very happy with my job and my work there is exactly what I love to do…WRITING. This is my first job and being a full-time employee, I work till 7:30 pm. When I get back home after that, I really don’t get enough time and energy to give time for my blog.So, is this the end of my blog? Of course not!! I will blog on weekends, schedule my posts and share my thoughts here. I really can’t stay without blogging.


I am thankful to everyone who visit my blog regularly and comment on my posts. This is the thing that keeps me motivated. I love every one of you. I’m sorry if I couldn’t reply to your emails or queries in last one-two weeks, I hope you understand my situation. I know, I don’t get time to visit your blog links and read your posts but trust me I’ll visit your blog and read them on weekends, after all this is what I do on weekends usually :).


Please keep supporting me and I’ll be coming up with lots of  interesting blog posts soon and as you have seen that our blog now covers different topics, other than beauty posts. Also, I’ll be more than happy if you would like to contribute your write ups for my blog. If you are interested do shoot an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I am also planning to get a domain and hosting for my blog. If everything goes as planned, I’ll soon have a .com added to my blog name soon. That’s all till now, I’ll be back with a new post next week.

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4 thoughts on “Some Quick Updates About my Life!!

  1. Nice to know about your post-graduation studies and new job… Do write a post on your schedule, how you manage to juggle between blogging, work and study… I have a full-time job and wish to start a beauty blog. Currently am contributing posts to other beauty blogs and being really busy, but then at the end of the day, its really rewarding to be working on what you love, that it doesn’t really feel like work 🙂


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