3 Steps to Instant Fresh Skin Feat. Ethicare Remedies

Hello darlings, how are you are doing? Sorry for the long gap. I am back to blogging again and I will be regular from now on. I was stuck with lots of work at office for the past two months and I could hardly make time to blog.

Today I will be sharing the secret to clear skin in 3 simple steps. As I told you, I was very busy in past few days, I hardly got time to visit the salon and I had long hours to work. I wanted something that will be easy to use and could keep me fresh throughout the day since there weather in this part is fluctuating crazily from last few weeks.

A month back, Ethicare Remedies sent me their exclusive product kit to try. I picked up three products from the kit that was perfect for summer/monsoon skin care regimen. Have a look at them below:


  1. Acmed Face Wash- Face wash for oily and acne prone skin
  • Safe ingredients
  • Safe surfactant base
  • Slightly acidic pH
  • Clinically tested


The product comes in a transparent tube with a flip cap. The face wash is neither very thick nor too runny. The face wash is transparent in color and it has tiny purple beads that helps in deep exfoliation and helps removing accumulated dirt and oil.


The face wash has Tea tree oil, Vitamin E and aloe vera as its key ingredients. The fragrance of this face wash is not very appealing though it doesn’t irritate my nose. It works wonderfully on my oily skin and I haven’t experienced any breakout or allergic reaction to it till now. The face wash lathers well in a rich foam and is advised to use twice daily for best results.

  1. UVmed Sunscreen- Sunscreen with high SPF50
  • UV protection with all three actions (scattering, reflection and absorbing)
  • Double water proofinf actives (PVP and crodafos CES)
  • Unique photostable formula


This sunscreen is a boon for the scorching summer heat. Since it has high SPF it helps in protecting my skin from the harshest sun ray. It comes in a yellow tube with a flip cap. The sunscreen is tinted so it doubles up as my base makeup too. So when I’m in a hurry I just dab some face powder and I’m all set to go out.


The sunscreen has a matte formula which is great for someone who has oily skin like me. I love the fragrance of UVmed sunscreen, it is very mild and that is why I don’t mind applying it daily as I leave for my work. The sunscreen spreads evenly and applies on skin effortlessly. I have noticed lesser sun tan with regular usage.

  1. Sweatnil- Anti Perspirant Gel
  • With aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • For treatment of hyperhydrosos
  • Prevents sweat gland from excreting liquid
  • Reduce moist climate in which bacterias thrive
  • Available in convenient roll on pack


It has been a long time since I have used a roll on anti-perspirant and this little pack does exactly what it claims. It reduces sweat, super convenient to carry and apply smells nice and prevents excess sweat. I apply it in the morning and by late evening I do not face any odor problem.


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