Press Release: Vivel Cell Renew Launches Micellar Cleansing

Make-up today is an integral part of women’s everyday life. The myriad colours, glosses, tinted crème and blushes have often accentuated beauty and enabled women from everyday walks of life to experiment and look their best.

Women love make-up. Vivel Cell Renew, ITC’s leading skin care brand encourages you to love make-up a little more without worrying about skin care. To keep skin clean and beautiful, Vivel Cell Renew introduces a make-up cleanser with the unique mixed-micelle technology. This single phase, oil free, rinse-free cleanser effectively removes make-up and maintains the moisture level in skin.

 Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser

This formulation has plant derived stem cell extracts that help in skin cell renewal, tertapeptide (Tego-pep-4-even) to help remove dark spots and effective anti-oxidants for preventing free radical damage. It is enriched with moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerine & pro-vitamin B5, to maintain skin moisture level. Cell Renew Micellar Makeup cleanser is alcohol free, ultra-mild and maintains skin pH.  It is enriched with Lavandin essential oil that helps to relax and maintain a healthy skin.

Ms. Shalini Degan, VP, Skincare, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, says, “Make-up is an essential everyday affair for most women.  However, makeup remover is an occasional indulgence. We often falter on this extremely important cleansing regimen which is directly related to skin health. Vivel Cell Renew built on the ethos of everyday skin care for skin health introduces a rinse free moisturizing Makeup Cleanser crafted with the unique mixed micelle technology.  For gentle and effective skin cleansing, the Micellar cleanser is oil free and helps maintain skin moisture level. For all women who love makeup, they will love Micellar cleansing!”

 Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser with splash

Available at select retail outlets and e-com portals, Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Remover is priced at
Rs. 349 for 150ml bottles. The product is paraben free and is suitable for all skin types.

 About Vivel Cell Renew: Vivel Cell Renew is a carefully crafted skin care solution that helps renew skin cell by cell. The advanced formula not only repairs damaged skin cell barrier and replenishes lost nutrients but also fortifies skin’s natural defenses against free radicals and other environmental factors. The portfolio offers a range of Body Lotions, Face Moisturiser, Hand Crème and Face Cleansers.



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