Omved Shine and Protect Hair Mist Review

Worried about hair damage? Dull hair rally  looks unattractive and lifeless. I have dealt with dull hair problems since ages. I have tried various products and natural remedies but the results were short-lived. Recently, I came across a hair spray from Omved which claims to restore shine and protect hair from damage. I thought about giving it a try, and here is what I felt about the product:

Price: INR 690 for 100m

Ingredients: Spring water, DM water, Bhringraj extract, Bramhi extract, Alfafa extract,Sugandha Kokila oil, Rosemary oil, Carrot seed oil.

What the product claims: A light detangling tonic to nourish dry wispy hair, bhringraj conditions and adds lustre, rosemary minimizes the appearance of split ends and flyaway hair.

Method of use:

My take on the product: The product comes in a dark plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. There is a transparent plastic cap protecting the nozzle. The packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly.


The nozzle dispenses decent amount of the hair mist when sprayed. The hair mist is transparent in color and has a watery texture. The mist has a strong smell which appears to me like a mixture of medicine and rosemary oil, however I do not like the smell. When you apply the mist to your hair, the smell will subside in few minutes. I have used it several times and went out with my friends, I asked them if they could smell the spray and they said they couldn’t!


I have used the mist on dry hair only till now and the mist do not feel sticky or heavy at all. Since this hair mist is rich in herbal ingredients and free from parabens, sulphates, silicones etc, I use it thrice a week, every time I shampoo my hair. It makes my hair soft and manageable and helps to tame frizzy hair. Initially, I did not notice any shine, but after a month of use, my hair definitely got healthier than before. It does not add any shine to my hair as such.


My hair tends to get limp within a day or two of shampooing and this product does not makes any difference to it. However, at few occasions My hair felt sticky after a day of application of the spray. Overall, I am satisfied with my improved hair texture which I got after using Omved Shine and protect hair mist

 Pros: 1. Makes hair healthier

2. Chemical free

3. Makes hair frizz free and manageable

4. Lightweight

Cons: 1.Does not adds any extra shine

2. hair tends to get sticky at times

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: If you want to improve your hair texture with the goodness of herbal ingredients, do give this product a try!

*PR sample*



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