Blogmint- India’s First Brand-Blogger Marketplace

Blogging which started years back as a platform to freely express ones views and opinions is now turning into a career option. Thanks to certain platforms which enable bloggers to earn from blogging.  How do bloggers actually earn from these platforms? They earn by connecting with brands and reviewing their products and services on their blog for which they get paid. But, isn’t the process of brands approaching bloggers and vice versa, a long process? To make things easier for both the brand and the blogger, platform like blogmint comes as a great help.


They help different brands to connect with bloggers easily, discuss theirs needs and go ahead with the work. If you are a blogger, you can choose from different brands, with whom you would like to work and brands can select bloggers whom they think will fit the bill. I rely on blogmint to connect with different brands because the process is very easy and quick.

The sign-up process is very simple, followed by completing your profile and connecting various social media channels.


The only thing, which probably you won’t understand  in the picture above is the blogscore. A blogscore is the score given within 100 to a blog based on its popularity. 73 is pretty fine, isn’t it? (winks!)

Next, on the top of the page, there is a “discover campaign” option which will take you to the page where you will find different brands with their campaigns.


Once you click on them, you will get the details about the category of blog post, campaign deadline, payment per post and the mandatory things the brands wants you to include in your post. Once you understand the need, click on apply and wait for approval. You will get an approval or rejection mail/ notification in few days and based on that you can proceed with the work.


You can chat with the brand and discuss their needs and proceed to write a draft for the campaign which you will find in your dashboard. Once you submit the draft, you have to wait for approval and once you are notified about the approval, you can post the same in your blog and share on social media. You can also check the number of visits to your blog post from the same page. on successful completion, you get paid within a week or two! Isn’t that easy?


Some best features of blogmint:


  • Easy sign up process
  • Opportunity to work with different brands
  • Getting paid for blogging
  • Simple website
  • Interactive team

Have you tried blogmint? Do share your experiences below!


Please feel free to leave your blog links, I'd love to visit them!

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