L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Range: Expert Skincare For Every Age Prices and Details

Hello darlings, as we grow older, our skin undergoes various changes. So the products which might have worked for you in your teenage years may not be equally effective in your twenties. It happened with me and I’m sure it happens with most of us. L’Oreal Paris have recently launched their skin perfect range where they have customized skin creams and facial foams  for different age groups: 20+, 30+ and 40+ so that you can get perfect skin at every age! The price of these products starts from Rs. 99 onwards so they are really affordable for all.


For age 20+

Price: INR 99 for 18g/ INR 325 for 50g


Age 20+ Skin Perfect Range is combined with Perlite and Salicylic Acid which helps keep oiliness, pimples and blemishes at bay through your twenties while giving you that perfect clear skin glow. It has Purifyll and Vitamin 3X Complex along with  UV filters. It can be use in late teens too!

For age 30+

Price: INR 149 for 18g/ INR 425 for 50g


Age 30+ Skin Perfect Range has Pro Collagen which is perfect for fighting those fine lines that begin to appear in your thirties, giving you younger, glowing skin. Contains SPF 21 PA+++

For age 40+

Price: INR 595 for 50g


Age 40+ Skin Perfect cream is packed with Pro Retinol A it helps get rid of wrinkles and revitalizes your skin to help you get that flawless looking skin even post 40.Contains SPF 21 PA+++. Definitely a good product for our moms and aunts.


*PR sample*



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