Must-Have T-shirts in Men’s Wardrobe


Men’s fashion is limited as compared to women. Hence they should take care of minute detailing that goes into their apparel like stiches, colors, pattern and cuts. Apart from formal shirts and pants, men can try their hands on some T-shirts which are not only comfortable to wear but are also fashionable and comes in varieties to suit every mood and personality. Let us have a look at the must have T-shirts in men’s wardrobe:

1. Graphic T-shirts


Graphic T-shirts looks equally flattering from age 4-40 because of their bold patterns and prints, they always look eye-catching and gives you an instant younger look. Wear bold colored graphic tees in red, blue and black because they look equally flattering on everyone and is perfect for a casual look.

2. Polo T-shirts


Polo T-shirts never go out of fashion, maybe because it suits men of every age. Polo T- shirts are collared T-shirts and can be sported for a semi formal look. Polo T-shirts in solid colors looks flattering on all body types and makes your shoulders look broader, giving you a fuller body frame

3. Striped T-shirts


Another classic style is striped T-shirt. Striped T- shirts comes in variety of color combinations and looks great on every occasion. Keep in mind, if you tends to weight heavy, go for vertical stripes and if you have a thinner frame go for horizontal stripes

4. V-neck T-shirts


V-neck T shirts look good on all figures and are good to wear during summer. V-neck T-shirts gives an impression of a perfect body frame and also bring attention towards your chin and neck . So, when you get a good stubble, don’t forget to wear a suitable V- neck T-shirt with it.If you love to wear accessories you can also wear a chain with your V- neck T-shirt

5. Ringer T-shirts


Ringer T-shirt are those T-shirt that have rings or piping around both the arms and neck. You can get a ringer T-shirt if you are bored with plain solid colored T-shirt and want a little change without going to much detailing. Ringer T-shirts are safe options for men who do not like experimenting much with colors and patterns.

6. Pocket T-shirts


Pocket T-shirts are absolute necessary for guys and you know why. Yes, you can keep your cellphone or money in it and it can act as your mini wallet when you are in a hurry. After all, pockets are meant to be used and your wardrobe is incomplete without a pocket T-shirt in it.

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