Puresence by Soap Opera Soaps and Sleep Inducer- First Impression

Hello darlings, ever seen tiny wonderful smelling soaps? Well, I saw, in six awesome variants and they are from Puresence by Soap Opera. Puresence soaps are free of toxins and completely safe to use. They are not tested on animals, fee of sulphates and chemicals and are non-carcinogenic. Her are the very first impression of these wonderful soaps. I will review each one in details after I use them.

I got Puresence soaps in:


1. Madhumalti

2. Rose

3. Cucumber

4. Lemongrass

5. Green Tea

6. Orange

  • Madhumalti and Rose is from Puresence Floral soaps range. As the brand claims, you can recreate the garden of Eden with their sensual range of non toxic floral soaps. The aromatherapy benefits of Rose and Madhumalti will calm and soothe your senses.
  • Cucumber and Orange is from their Fruity range of soaps. The smell heavenly and are sure to make your skin soft and supple.
  • Lemongrass and Green Tea soaps are from Puresence’s spice range of soaps. They are enriched with olive oil and real essential oils and their therapeutic properties will surely rejuvenate your senses.


I also got their  Sleep Inducer: The magical spray is said to relax the mind and helps induce sleep. Studies have shown that repeated use of this, improves the quality of sleep, De-stresses and calms your senses leaving you in a relaxed state!


I am excited to try each and every one of them. Have you given a try to Puresence soaps by soap Opera yet? If not, check out their online store and pick op their amazing products!

*PR sample, honest review



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