Posing Perfect With Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

Puberty and pimples are co-related because most of us have faced pimple problems during our early teenage. During this age, our body undergoes various physical and emotional changes as a result of hormonal growth. Pimples are tiny zits that appear commonly in cheek  and forehead area. There are two parts in our skin pores- outer and inner. The inner part produces sebum from sebaceous gland. This sebum when comes in contact with dead skin cells of the outer part, they stick together and block the pore, as a result the area gets infected and causes pimples.



I had very oily skin since my teenage and  naturally, pimples always bothered me. These pimples were painful and often settled into dark spots. It gave me endless mental trauma and stress. I did silly things to hide those ugly pimple marks and avoid embarrassment like:

  • In summer, I used to cover my face with a cotton dupatta while I went out and in winter I wouldn’t let go my woolen scarf off my face.
  • I couldn’t concentrate on my classes and exam time was my biggest nightmare as my pimple problem would increase due to stress.
  • I could take part in college activities mainly due to the fear of people noticing my pimples
  • I couldn’t experiment much with different hair-dos and haircuts, I had to get thick front bangs for my hair so that it came down till my cheeks and covered my pimples.
  • I took hours to do my makeup if I had to go out anywhere. I tried different concealers that gave heavy coverage and spent  hours in front of the mirror trying to hide my pimple marks.
  • I avoided getting my pictures clicked and if I ever got my picture clicked, I had to edit it for hours to hide my pimple marks.
  • I took out time from my busy schedule (studies+blogging) and tried endless remedies to get rid of them. I applied sandalwood paste, went to the doctor, took medications, checked my diet but nothing cured my pimples effectively.


When I almost  lost hope, my cousin told me about Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. I have always heard about the effectiveness of neem against fighting pimples but never really tried it on my skin. So, when I saw that this face wash has neem as the key ingredient, I went ahead and got a 100 ml tube for myself at Rs.90 only. I fell in love with the product after using it for a week because:

  • Neem is a natural disinfectant and purifies blood imparting a natural glow to the face.
  • Comes easy on pocket, good for students like me
  • Comes in a small tube of 50g and packaging is travel friendly too so I can carry it wherever I go, all I need is to find out a washbasin!
  • Only a small amount is enough to clean the entire face and it cleanses really well
  • Soap free and hence it is not harsh on skin and retain skin’s moisture
  • Works on pimples and also fades pimple marks effectively
  • It also removes light makeup easily

I am very happy that I trusted Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and used it regularly to get rid of my pimples. It has provided me many benefits like:

  • It has given me the confidence to go out and interact with people without any fear of people noticing my pimples.
  • I can finally experiment with different hairstyles and hairdos
  • I can go out without makeup
  • I can sleep peacefully without worrying about my pimples.
  • Concentrate on my classes and take part in different activities.
  • Click lots of pictures and share them with friends without the worry of editing
  • Stress-free life and a happy me 🙂

I’ll suggest everyone who is suffering from pimples to try the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash and say goodbye to your pimple problems permanently like I did. Know more about it here.

This post is a part of Indiblogger contest in association with Garnier Pure Active Neem.

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