Out Of The Box

Love is a special feeling. It has the power to heal the greatest wound. Back in my school days, when I was in class 11, I had a crush on one of my senior who was a year older to me. He helped me with my studies, guided me during my exams, we went out to watch movies together and eat around at weekends. Our favourite hangout spot was a small and cozy restaurant near our school. Soon he finished his school and moved to Bangalore but that didn’t stop us from talking or seeing each other. I still have a crush on him and the feeling has grown intense with time. It has been already 4 years of knowing him and we are best friends though I know the feeling we share for each other is beyond friendship.


So, I have decided that this Valentine’s day I’ll take the initiative and propose my crush! Since we meet once in few months, I have already told him to be in Kolkata with me on 14th February. I want to make the day special for him and I want him to remember every bit of it. So I have made a plan to gift him one of the most memorable day of his life.

On the morning of 14th February, I’ll send him a text around 9:00 a.m. saying: ” Hey I sprained my leg, could you please come up to my house ASAP?!”. As he will rush to my house and reach my door, he will find a box with a “FOR YOU, OPEN IT” message written on it. As he opens the box he will find a scroll with an instruction written on it. It will read somewhat like this: ” Follow the path and be the happiest man on the earth, go down through the stairs and you will find a teddy bear.”  As he will go down he will find a teddy bear on the last step, I’ll ask my friend living downstairs to place the teddy once she finds him going up to my room on the second floor. The teddy will be the  same one that he gifted me on my birthday 4 years back so when he’ll recognize it,  he can’t stop smiling. Beside the teddy he will find a small box and in it he will find a car key and another message saying “First gift is always special, I hope you found my car key, it is waiting outside to take you to a fun ride.” As he will get inside the car, he will find another note on the steering saying “Get down at our favourite food joint and you will find me there.”


Once he reaches the restaurant, he will find me waiting for him outside. I’ll make all the necessary arrangements beforehand to surprise him. He will find whole restaurant decorated in blue, his favourite color. I’ll place a big pin board near the entrance and it will have all our pictures and other memories pinned to it like the page of the slam book he filled for me at school, few pages from the copy where he used to teach me maths, few postcards we exchanged and things he often told me over phone like “Will you ever learn to cook?” or ” You are the craziest girl I have ever met” etc. The things will get more nostalgic and special with his favourite songs playing in the background and maybe we can also do some dance to it. I’ll also ask the staffs to wear customized T-shirts in white with the message ” Because you are special” with his picture printed below it. I’m sure he will be more than happy with these fun surprises. As we finish having his favourite food, I’ll hand over him the last scroll, which reads “There is one last surprise left, I promise this will be the best.”


Then I’ll take him to a movie and few minutes before the movie ends, I’ll make an excuse and go to the public address system of the multiplex to take the last and the boldest step. I am not very extrovert, so this step will surely be a challenge for me and a big surprise for him. As soon as the movie ends, I’ll tell the three magical words from the PA system there so that everybody present there could hear it including him. I know he can’t deny my love after this. I am very excited to execute my plans. This Valentine’s Day will be all about winning the love of my crush.

This post is a part of  Closeup Cupid Games 2015 Indi Happy Hour contest in association with Indiblogger

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