The Bitter Truth

How many of you remember the puppet “Pinocchio” from the Walt Disney film whose nose would grow every time he told a lie? We all have lied at least once in our life, maybe to our parents, friends, relatives or to our teachers. Our very early lessons in life was about being honest and truthful in life. But as we grow up, we discover that telling the truth can be hard while lying is rewarding and can help us to get away smoothly from complicated situations. Truth is often harsh, it brings a person face-to-face with the reality while lying is easy. The outcome of lying can be disastrous but the immediate reaction is always pleasant.

While lying becomes crucial at times because they may mend broken relationships or save our job, getting into a habit of lying can lead to complications and break trust. It may also isolate us from your social circle and make us the butt of all jokes. As we mature, we realize from our experiences that no matter how much we try to hide the reality, no amount of big or small lie can camouflage it for long. The truth will reveal with time and it will hurt many but ultimately it will restore people’s faith in us and there won’t be guilt pangs bothering us from time to time.



I have come across a few situations in life where telling the truth was very hard because it involved people who were very close to me. I’m sharing one such situation here that took place two years back around this time of the year, me and my cousin who was three years elder to me were studying in the same University in Kolkata. I was in my first year of graduation and she was in her first year of post graduation. It was already three months since our final exams were over and we were eagerly waiting for the results. The day her result was out, we were in Delhi with our families to attend a wedding. Me and my cousin somehow managed to sneak out without telling anyone that her result was out. We went into a nearby cyber cafe and checked her result, She couldn’t qualify. This was the first time she has not qualified in an exam, she was devastated. I encouraged her to study hard and suggested her to reappear for the exam next year. She requested me not to break this news in the family as she didn’t want to hurt her parents. We were supposed to leave directly for Kolkata once the wedding was over instead of going back home. This means, she has to break the news over the phone. “Won’t that be more hurting?” I wondered. I was in a dilemma, on one side was my cousin, who was like my best friend and on one side were her parents, unaware of their daughter’s result. Every time I was talking to them, a sense of guilt grasped me hard from within. The clock struck 3, everyone was busy with the last-minute arrangements for the wedding. The” Shubh Muhurat” was at 7 p.m. I thought, “Enough! If I would have been in her place, would I have done exactly what she is doing?” My heart said “NO!”. Without wasting any more time, I went to my aunt and told her to call uncle, my cousin was standing a little away from that place, busy talking to the would-be-bride. As they came, I broke the news. The news spread faster than a wildfire. My cousin was embarrassed, I wanted to explain everything to her but she refused to speak. The wedding ceremony ended in few hours, the bond between me and my cousin….in few seconds.

Yes, I know I have lost my cousin, my best friend, my guide but hadn’t I broke the news that day, I’m sure she wouldn’t have told her parents either. I’m happy that I told the truth and did what was right instead of lying to everyone and pretending as if nothing as happened.

P.S.: My cousin has successfully completed MBA from a renowned institute this year and is currently working in a bank.

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