My Wonderful Experience At The Four Fountains Spa

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Saturday, I went to the Four Fountains spa! All thanks to my fellow blogger Sayantini, who was sweet enough to suggest my name to Maithili Sawant, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager of Four Fountains spa. Maithili invited few bloggers from Kolkata through email to experience their wonderful spa service. She booked an appointment for me day before yesterday, 12th of July at the Theatre Road branch, Kolkata. There is a second branch too at Salt Lake . Read on to know about my total experience there.


It was humid weather outside when I arrived at the spa. As soon as I went in, a sweet aroma of lemon-grass refreshed my mood. Lemon-grass is a very good antioxidant and is used for de-stressing too. The lounge area was well decorated with dim lamps and idols of Lord Buddha.


I went to the reception and introduced myself. I was told to sit in the waiting area. The seats had backrest made of wooden beads which helps to reduce back pain as you wait for your therapy to begin. Then, I was given a welcome drink of orange juice .


After that, Dr. Manisha came up to me and asked me few questions to check my stress level. She asked me around ten questions and concluded that I’m at moderate stress level. She told me how stress could be harmful for the body and mind. If stress is not addressed for a prolonged period, it may lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, chronic back pain etc. Since I was suffering from shoulder pain for quite sometime, she suggested me that I should go for Swedish massage and take a spa service in every three months to reduce stress. Swedish massage use five different movements to relax muscle by applying indirect pressure against inner muscles and bones, while massaging the muscles in the direction of the flow of blood returning in the heart.


At  Four Fountains , they offer mainly four popular spa therapies:

1. Therapies for de-stressing

2. Therapies for de-toxification

3. Therapies for Immunity

4. Therapies for beauty

Once my massage room was ready, I was introduced to my masseur Anny, she was very professional and took utmost care to make me feel comfortable. Each massage room was clean and hygienic, has a bed, a locker, a chair, a full-sized mirror and a bathroom.


My masseur told me to change and ring a bell after I’m done. I dressed up in disposable garments and rang the bell. My masseur used sesame oil for the massage. The only source of light during the massage were the tiny lamps which created a very wonderful ambiance. She started with my back and ensured to cover the parts that wasn’t being massaged with a clean sheet of cloth. The massage went on for an hour. In between she kept asking whether I am comfortable with the pressure applied. As I told her I had pain in my shoulders, she took some extra time to focus on those parts. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and completely stress free once the massage was over. Anny guided me to the bathroom and told me to take a shower and ring the bell once I’m done. Once she left the room, I took a relaxing shower and dressed up. I rang the bell and she gave me glass of water and told me to wait at the reception.


I was given a feedback form to fill up and Dr. Manisha recommended few exercises to me for my shoulder pain. I was provided with a cup of green tea, which is rich in anti-oxidant and it is ideal to drink after a spa therapy. She also handed over me a big envelope containing an information booklet about the Four Fountains spa, a prescription booklet containing  charts for diet and exercises, a discount coupon and a de-stressing gel.


Overall I’m very happy and satisfied with their wonderful service and will recommend everyone to try out their services. They have their own website where you can get all the details including their services, charges, timings, addresses etc. The staffs were very courteous and professional. They took utmost care to see that I feel comfortable as this was my first visit to a spa. I didn’t have to wait too long. Everything has been done on time and perfectly. I’m looking forward for my next visit to Four Fountains spa!


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