What’s In My Beauty Bag?

This  post is in response to the ongoing contest by Healthkart.com brought to you by Votre, powered by Auravedic and co-sponsored by Vaadi Herbals and Sattvik Organics where I have been tagged to post about #WhatsInYourBeautyBag


Hello beautiful ladies! I hope you all are doing well. As you all can already guess from the title of this post, I’m going to show my beauty essentials that I carry in my bag. But wait, here’s the twist! I have to pick up 5 beauty essential within the budget of Rs. 1500- Really? How mean :p! Okay, challenge accepted! This means I have to pick up my budget friendly beauty essentials which are worthy, after all it is my skin and it needs pampering like a princess! Jokes apart, let’s get back to the challenge. Below I have listed 5 beauty essentials that I will always carry in my bag especially in summer, I have also taken care to include items that are travel friendly because I don’t want to open my bag and find my toner leaking or my face wash squeezed out…..

1.Votre Purifying Face Wash (Rs. 196 for 30g)


Yup, our skin care regime starts with cleansing. I face acne problems occasionally and this dermatologically tested face wash from Votre  will surely help to reduce my acne along with removing dirt and impurities without over drying the skin. This face wash shrinks skin pores and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines too! A clean face keeps skin problems at bay. So this face wash is a must in my bag. Since I have a combination skin, I can use this all through the year for an oil free T-zone and dirt free face.

2. Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist (Rs. 190 for 100g)


This face mist from Auravedic is enriched with anti-oxidants and helps to nourish and balance skin’s moisture. Regular usage of this mist will make my skin soft and supple. This mist is paraben free and is very soothing and refreshing on skin. It comes in a travel friendly packaging so I can easily carry it around in my bag too. This mist has an awesome rosy fragrance which is another plus point of this face mist. I really can’t skip this product especially when summer is here.

3. Vaadi Herbals Bamboo Age Defying Moisturizer With Grapeseed extract (Rs. 59 for 110ml)


By now, you all have guessed that the third product is a moisturizer. Obviously, how can I do injustice with these trios AKA cleanser, toner and moisturizer :). This moisturizer from Vaadi Herbals is also rich in anti-oxidants, keeps skin moisturized from within without being sticky or oily. The moisturizer gets absorbed to the skin easily so I can use it in summer too. The goodness of grapeseed extracts promotes cell growth and improve skin’s texture. I can no way miss this product from my bag now and in next 50 years of my life!

4. Maybelline Clear Glow Pressed Powder (Rs 185 for 9g)


This one is a multipurpose face powder, ask me why? It is because this “cute little pink case” can prevent skin darkening, even out skin, control oiliness and is very light weight.  This pressed powder from Maybelline won’t clog your pores and can control oiliness for 3-4 hours. It comes with a small mirror and a sponge applicator for touch ups. It comes in a number of shade so there is a perfect match for everybody.

5. Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss In Pink Hypnotic (Rs. 395 for 8g)


Coral color is apt for summer and this lip gloss from Lotus Herbals is a lovely coral shade with pink undertones. This shade will suit most Indian skin tones and is apt for both morning and evening wear. The gloss is wonderfully pigmented ans stays on lips for almost 3 hours. The packaging is sleek and eye-catching too. This gloss will keep my lips hydrated so I can skip my lip balm. The shade will definitely brighten my face. This one also goes into my bag,

Wondering why I missed kajal? First, I’m not that into kajals, second, I wear specs most of the time so mainly I focus on my lips. Accentuating my lips is more important, so somehow I skipped the kajal.

Finally, my cute little beauty bag….


That’s all I would love to carry in my bag and see I can buy all these for Rs. 1025 only! What do you think, is my beauty bag complete or did I miss anything? If you are given chance, which products would you like to keep in your beauty bag?

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