Five Fruits That Will Keep You Cool In Summer

Hello everyone, first, I would like to apologize for being a little irregular in my blog. I have exams coming up so I have to slow down a bit for a while. Rain has finally arrived in Kolkata and I can not express in words how much relieved I am feeling right now! The only way to tackle summer heat is to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.


De-hydration is a common problem in summer and it can happen with any one of us. Today I’m going to list five fruits that will keep you cool in summer. Fruits are light, healthy and full of nutrients. Let’s have a look at them below:

1. Water Melons


Water melons are mainly constituted of water. A water melon contains about 92-93% of water. Water melons are alkaline fruits rich in Vitamin A and C and is said to act as diuretic too. Water melon is an excellent thirst quencher. They are also rich in antioxidants. A fruit salad in summer is incomplete without delicious  cubes of water melons in it.

2. Pineapples


Pineapples contains an enzyme called bromelian that can digest both protein and fats. Pineapples are widely consumed to cure intestinal ailments. Pineapples are also consumed to cure arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapples are rich source of Manganese which helps in our bone growth. Include pineapple in your daily food to stay healthy.

3. Grapes


Grapes are rich in resveratrol which is believed to inhibit different types of cancer and heart diseases. This tiny fruit actually come with great benefits. Grapes are excellent thirst quenchers and regular intake claims to purify blood in our body. To bring some change in your taste buds, you can try to make a fruit custard or have them with frozen yogurt in summer.

4. Mangoes


How can I miss mango in this list? Mango is my favorite fruit in summer and I cannot miss them at any cost! Mango contains generous amount of Iron and is believed to be a natural appetizer. Mangoes are rich in  selenium and helps to keep human heart healthy and active. Mangoes are known as the “king of fruits” in India and I’m sure all of us know more than one way to relish this juicy fruit.

5. Lychees


Lychee or litchi grows extensively in China but they are cultivated in many parts of India too. These are fruits have white flesh with a big brown seed. Lychee is rich in Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Copper and Potassium. These fruits keep our body temperature cool and should be consumed daily in summer. Lychee juice is very popular and perfect for summer months. Lychees have medicinal properties and they are being used in Chinese medicines.

Which fruits do you eat to beat the heat? Share with me in the comments below 🙂

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