Basic Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Hair Color

Hello everyone! how are you all doing? Yay, I’m so happy to write my 50th post today…… So, few years back, we didn’t knew that coloring or dyeing hair would be equally useful to someone in her early twenties as in her late seventies. Hair coloring is in trend and there are lots of people going gaga over it. Once you color your hair, it can make a lot of difference to your outer appearance as well as inner self. . Hair color can reflect your personality and taste. Here I have discussed few factors that will guide you to chose the right hair color. Read on to know about them:-


1. Skin Undertone

This is the first and foremost factor, It is very important to keep your skin undertone in mind to choose the right hair color for you. Check the veins of your wrist, if they appear blue to your eyes then your skin undertone is cool. If they appear blue then your skin undertone is warm. In case you cannot distinguish your vein color, probably you have a neutral undertone.

2. Skin tone


Considering your skin tone is also an important factor while choosing your hair color. If your skin tone is pink, it is better to avoid warm red or golden blonde hair color. If you have pale skin, you are probably lucky. Almost all types of hair color will suit people with paler skin tone. But too dark colors like black will make people with paler skin tone look much older than their age. People with olive skin tones should go for darker colors. People with dark skin tone can choose bright striking colors, lighter color will make darker skin tones look washed out.

3. Eye Color

Hair color and eye color is interconnected. People with black, brown or hazel eyes looks good in warmer hair colors like red and auburn. People with grey or blue eyes will look flattering in light gold or ash hair colors.

4. Color Of Your Clothing



If you look good in golden yellow, red, rust, orange etc, you should probably choose warmer hair colors like golden blonde, and auburn. Alternatively, if you look good in colors like fuchsia, red with blue undertones, black etc, you should stick to cooler hair colors like platinum, burgundy, ash blonde etc. If you look good in purple, charcoal grey etc, you will look flattering in colors like chocolate brown and mahogany.

5. Jewellery Test

If you look good in silver jewellery, you have cooler skin tone and if you look good in golden jewellery, you have warmer skin tone. However, if both golden and silver suits you well, you have neutral skin tone.

Next time, if you are planning to get  your hair colored, keep these factors in your mind and you will be finding everyone appreciating your look!


Image Courtesy: Google

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