The Liebster Award!!

Hello everybody, See what I have been nominated with….. The Liebster Award!! Thank you so much  to Mrs. Kaye for nominating me. You can check out her amazing blog here 🙂


The Liebster Award is one which is given to those with less than 200 followers, after receiving it, you then list 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions, pick 11 nominees and set them 11 questions to answer. All in all, a great way of spreading some love. 

Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions given to you.
Pick 11 nominees and create a set of 11 questions that they must answer.
You can’t nominate the person that nominated you.
Tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

Here are the questions I was asked to answer!

1. What is your dream job?

I want to be a Journalist

2. Favorite movie or movie genre?

Suspense Thrillers

3. Stuck on a desert island: 5 things/products you HAVE to have with you?

 My IPod, a bottle of water, canned food, a moisturizer, any Dan Brown book

4. Pet Peeve?

People who cough without covering their mouth!

5. Celebrity crush?

Hugh Jackman

6. Musical guilty pleasure?

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

7. Dream vacation?


8. Preferred form of social media and why?

Twitter. from celebs to our closest friend, all could be found in twitter now!

9. Favorite TV show?

I like game shows like Wipeout &  Takeshi’s Castle

10. Celebrity you most dislike?

Ummm……. can’t remember any right now 😦

11. Is there a band or musical genre that you think people would be surprised to hear you enjoy/listen to?

Not really…

11 Random Facts

1. I had 13 cats in my house when i was in 8th standard

2. I am scared of birds

3. I can’t swim

4. I don’t  like ice creams

5. Too much blood in reel life as well as real life freaks me out!

6. 13 is a lucky number for me

7. This is my second blog. I had another blog previously but had to delete it for some reasons

8. I can spend a whole day eating french fries 🙂

9. When I was in 2nd standard, during my drawing exam, I drew an apple and colored it purple with red leaves :p

10. I have never watched horror films at night alone 😦

11. I’m yet to prepare a perfectly poached egg!!

And now passing this on to the lovely ladies! I nominate you! Have fun! I don’t know if any of you have done this already, if so, don’t feel compelled to do it again, unless you want to!











Here are the 11 questions you need to answer :-

1. Your first makeup product/ tech gadget?

2. Your first holiday trip?

3. Biggest turn off

4. Why blogging?

5. One thing that you always carry in your bag

6. Tea or coffee?

7. Best gift so far?

8. Lipstick or lip gloss/ tab or laptop?

9. Favourite cartoon character?

10. Biggest achievement so far?

11. Food from the restaurant or homemade food?

P.S. I have nominated only 9 persons, if there is any new blogger with less than 200 blog posts, do contact me via email so that I may nominate you!!



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